Full Details - Pratik Sehajpal 2021 Bigg Boss 15 OTT Contestant

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    • Bigg Boss OTT winner: Divya Agarwal lifts the trophy and takes home prize money of Rs 25 lakhs
    • After 6 weeks of a journey full of drama, fights, ups and downs in friendships and more Bigg Boss OTT’s first-ever season has come to an end and got its winner. Divya Agarwal, who made a stunning entry in the show and survived all the challenges that were thrown at her, has emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss OTT.
      Divya won the coveted trophy of Bigg Boss OTT and took home a prize money of Rs 25 lakh. The reality TV personality, who entered the Bigg Boss OTT house alone, without a connection had a marvellous journey over the span of 6 weeks. Way past a week in the house, Divya made a connection with Zeeshan Khan. However, having a connection with her throughout the game was not in her fate. She stood alone once again after her connection Zeeshan was evicted for getting physical with Pratik Sehajpal. While having a connection didn’t seem to be in her fortune, Divya had a tough time making friends and gelling up with her co-contestants. Divya shared a bitter-sweet relationship with Shamita Shetty. Though they became good friends at the beginning, their friendship didn’t last long and differences didn’t seem to fade away. Gradually she managed to stay cordial with her as the show approached its end. The actress shared had a hard time staying friends with the contestants but this didn’t let her back out on her views. She made it a point to keep her opinions in the forefront, irrespective of what the consequences were. Her relationship with Pratik, Raqesh, Nishant and others also saw a few ups and downs throughout the journey. It was not only the contestants that Divya got into a tiff with, she also faced host Karan Johar’s wrath quite a few times. With a lot going around, she rose like a lone player and proved that she can win any battle on her own feet. Divya couldn’t connect much with the housemates and the host, she surely made a good connect with the audience.
    • Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sehajpal chooses to go in the Bigg Boss 15 house, is out of the winner's race.
    • Winner will get a trophy along with Rs 25 lakhs Prize Money

    Pratik Sehajpal entered the Bigg Boss OTT house with a bang. From the very start, Pratik made the audience feel his presence on the show. With his fierce attitude, he is loved by his fans. From his connection with Akshara Singh to his fights with Divya Agarwal, Pratik gained a lot of attention in his journey. His connection with Neha Bhasin also instigated a lot of controversies. His Bigg Boss OTT journey is definitely a one to remember. Highlights are,
  • Connection and differences with Akshara Singh.
    Before Neha Bhasin, Pratik Sehajpal had a connection with Akshara Singh. Fans loved their connection and made a hashtag, #prakshara for them. A strong bond was seen between the two until things took a rough turn. During the game of hearts' task, things didn't go as planned and Pratik chose Neha's heart over Akshara. He also said that he doesn't want to regret his decision of not choosing Neha as his connection later. This didn't go down well with Akshara and she was very hurt. This decision of his later caused fights and differences between the two but after all these rough times, they were seen crying and expressing their fondness for each other as well.
    Brotherhood with Nishant
    Pratik Sehajpal has shared a strong bond with another contestant, Nishant Bhat. The two share a close bond and were often seen together indulging in chit-chats, gossips, and pranks. The two became friends in the first week and Nishant stood like a rock-solid pillar for Pratik in his tough times. Both were often seen having fun and laughing together.
    Loverboy of the house
    Undoubtedly, Pratik Sehajpal is a lover boy of the house. Moose Jattana, Akshara Singh, and Neha Bhasin's likeness towards Pratik have not been hidden from anyone. Not only they liked Pratik but also they have been very vocal about it on the show. The three girls have expressed their likeness towards him in a very openly manner.
    Bitter-sweet relationship with Moose Jattana
    The bond between Moose Jattana and Pratik Sehajpal cannot be overlooked. From Moose being open up about her affection for Pratik to their frequent nasty banters, the audience has loved their bond.
    Verbal spats with housemates
    Pratik has always indulged in verbal spats with one or another contestant. He had a difference of opinion with every contestant. Pratik has got into massive fights and differences in the house with Divya Agarwal, Shamita Shetty, Raqesh Bapat, Riddhima Pandit, and a lot more contestants. It is a major part of Pratik's journey in the Bigg Boss house.
    Closeness with Neha Bhasin
    Pratik came very close to Neha during his journey. Both the contestants were spotted together most of the time. During their journey, both have confessed their liking and fondness for each other. They were even seen sharing hugs and kisses. Over time, their relationship became one of the most talked-about topics and instigated a lot of controversies.
    Differences and fights with Divya
    Pratik's differences with his "so-called" sister, Divya Agarwal were evident during their journey in the house. They had not even entered the BB OTT's house and started a fight on the stage in front of the host, Karan Johar. From that very point, their differences are bang on. The fights took ugly turns in the first week itself where both of them were seen shouting and abusing each other on camera. However, the two are trying to be cordial with each other now.

 Latest Update: 

Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal are quite fond of each other and their closeness has often grabbed headlines. The latest shows Neha giving a massage to Pratik and the latter seems to be in relaxation mode. Pratik is seen lying on the couch whereas Neha is above him and massaging his hips with her elbow. At first, Pratik jokes, "Massage kahan se shuru hui thi, kahan pahunch gayi" (From where the massage started, and see where it has reached.) He asked Neha to continue as he was just joking and requested her to massage his glutes as well. Further, Pratik speaks about his body being stiff due to exercise. When Neha Bhasin continues with her massage, he moans and says, "Is mein badi ajeeb si feeling aa rahi hai yaar" (I'm getting a very weird feeling) and blushes. The makers captioned this post: "Pratik toh Neha ke relaxing massage se bohot khush lagta hain" Comment below your relaxing weekend plans." 


  • Bigg Boss OTT: Nikki Tamboli wants to pair up with Pratik Sehajpal;
    says ‘He is single and so am I’ In the latest episode of Sunday Ka Vaar, Bigg Boss 14 contestants Nikki Tamboli and Rubina Dilaik made their presence felt in the Bigg Boss OTT house. They entered the ‘Bigg Boss OTT house as guests for the ‘Sunday Ka Vaar episode. Host Karan Johar welcomed the two gorgeous ladies and asked them about their favourites. Nikki expressed all her liking for Pratik Sehajpal. An excited Nikki said, “Pratik is hot, cute and most importantly single. And I am also single. So who knows we might connect.” Karan Johar offers to pass on Nikki’s message to Pratik in the house. However, Nikki says she can do it herself. Karan says she is quite confident and Rubina adds they should do a mash-up of BB14 and BB15 so that Nikki can be inside with Pratik. Nikki says she was really impressed to see Pratik play and fight so fiercely in the first week and fell in love with him them. However, he is not seen much in the game now. When KJo asks Rubina, who she thinks she could pair up with, she names Raqesh Bapat because of his intelligence and gentleman nature. Later, when Rubina and Nikki enter the house, the latter tells Pratik that she is in love with him and questions if he is single. While Pratik says that is in a complicated situation now, Nikki says she doesn’t if he is committed and tells Neha not to fight with her.
    Nikki also tells Pratik to meet her outside the house. Besides Nikki and Rubina, Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha also entered the show as guests. Bigg Boss OTT: Karan Johar gets teary-eyed as he pays tribute to Sidharth Shukla and says ‘I feel numb, I can't breathe’


  • Last male contestant Pratik Sehajpal makes an entry by showing off his toned body. Pratik gives long entry speech and KJo asks him how is he so energetic. Pratik says, 'I am bhagwaan and I am shaitaan'.
  • Pratik heats up the stage by getting into a fight with Zeeshan and other contestants. He tells Zeeshan if his face is like *********, he has to wear a bathrobe. The two get into a war of words and Karan tells them to shut up.
Who is Pratik Sehajpal, Career:

  • Name Pratik Sehajpal, Occupation: Actor, model, fitness trainer, Claim to fame: Love School 3, Ace of Space
  • Delhi boy Pratik Sehajpal made an entry in the entertainment industry with dating reality show Love School. He was seen in the third season. He is a law graduate from Amity Law School.
  • He is a fitness enthusiast and his pics and videos on social media serve as a proof. Pratik flaunts his well-toned and fit body. He has also won many power-lifting and bodybuilding competitions.
  • He had also auditioned for Roadies Xtreme in 2018 but couldn’t impress the judges
  • He then participated in Ace of Space and stood second. Interestingly, Divya Agarwal, who lifted the trophy in the same season is also going to be locked up this season in Bigg Boss OTT. 
  • He was also offered Bigg Boss in the previous seasons but couldn’t take it up owing to prior commitments. Bigg Boss OTT will premiere on Sunday, August 8.
Pratik Sehajpal Bigg Boss OTT Entry:
  • Last male contestant Pratik Sehajpal makes an entry by showing off his toned body. Pratik gives long entry speech and KJo asks him how is he so energetic. Pratik says, 'I am bhagwaan and I am shaitaan'.
Personal Life:
  • Talking about Pratik’s personal life, he made headlines while dating Pavitra Punia. The two dated for a brief period before calling it quits. Post break-up, Pratik said that his relationship was good with Pavitra Punia while it lasted but besieged with clashes. Things went downhill when they had a huge fight when Pratik was offered a role where he had to do a bold scene with his female co-star.
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