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  • Daily soap Puttakkana Makkalu completes 200 episodes,
    Kannada daily soap Puttakkana Makkalu has successfully completed 200 episodes. The show has always secured a numero uno position in terms of TRP charts and is currently the most-viewed daily soap on Kannada television. Known for its visual brilliance, and unique and compelling storytelling, the daily soap has won the hearts of millions.
  • The story of Puttakkana Makkalu is all about a single mother who has three daughters. How the mother and the daughters fight against all odds to lead a happy life in the village, forms the crux of the story. Puttakkana Makkalu has an ensemble cast including veteran actress Umashree in the titular role. Besides Umashree, the show also has Sanjana Burli, Manju Bhasini, Dhanush, Pavan Kumar, Chandana Mahalingiah, and many other noted actors in prominent roles.
  • Talking about the daily soap with ETimes TV, lead actress Sanjana Burli in an earlier interview said, "Puttakkanna Makkalu has created a huge buzz among the viewers. There are a lot of positive elements in the show. It portrays the hardships of a single parent to give the best upbringing and education to her three daughters. She does this without seeking any help from others."

  • Bhavya Poojari replaces Chandana Mahalingiah in daily soap 'Puttakkana Makkalu':
    Actress Bhavya Poojari seems to be a busy bee of late. And why not? Besides playing a pivotal role in the daily soap 'Sundari', Bhavya has bagged a new project in her kitty. The actress will soon be featuring in the daily soap 'Puttakkana Makkalu'. She has replaced actress Chandana Mahalingiah, who was essaying the character Poorvi in the show. Chandana called it a quit from Puttakkana Makkalu owing to personal reasons. The actress had not made her appearance in the daily soap for nearly more than a month. She had been very tight-lipped about her decision of quitting Puttakkana Makkalu. However, now, Bhavya has stepped into Chandana's shoes. The actress will soon be making her presence as Poorvi in the upcoming episode of Puttakkana Makkalu. She has already joined the team and started shooting for the upcoming episodes of the daily soap.
  • In the upcoming episode, Poorvi and her mother will visit Bangaramma's house to inform them about the arrival of the latter's father from abroad. Upon learning of the arrival of her brother, (who is also Poorvi's father) an elated Bangaramma decides to celebrate the grand engagement of Poorvi and Kanti as soon as possible. Talking about Poorvi's character, to the unversed, she is a stylish young woman, who wishes to marry the male protagonist Kanti in the show. She is also Kanti's maternal uncle's daughter. Meanwhile, Puttakkana Makkalu is all about a single mother who has three daughters. How the mother and the daughters fight against all odds to lead a happy life in the village, forms the crux of the story.

Today Episode:

Puttakkana Makkalu gears up for an interesting twist:
Puttakkana Makkalu, which is one of the most-viewed daily soaps on Kannada television, seems to be gearing up for a nail-biting episode ahead. The daily soap is all set to feature the unseen side of Puttakka. The upcoming episode will see Puttaka in a fierce mode as she will teach Kaali a lesson for selling illegal liquor at his bar. Upon learning that Rajeshwari and Gopal are at Puttakka's house to meet the prospective groom for Sahana, Kaali feels betrayed and loses his temper. He quickly rushes to Puttakka's house. Kaali, in an inebriated state, arrives at Puttakka's house and talks about his wish to marry Sahana, a furious Puttakka slaps him and ousts him from her house. Rajeshwari is irked by Puttakka's behavior and questions her. However, in a shocking turn of events, Puttakka remembers all the wrong going happening in the village due to Kaali's bar. Later, Puttakka shuts down Kaali's bar and warns him. Well, with Puttakka taking a stern decision regarding the bar and shutting it, it remains to be seen how Kaali and Rajeshwari will react to the incident. Meanwhile, Puttakkana Makkalu has ace actress Umashree in the titular role. She essays the role of Puttakka in the daily soap. Besides her, Puttakkana Makkalu also has Hamsa, Ramesh Pandit, Sanjana Burli as Rajeshwari, Gopal, and Sneha respectively. 

The latest TRP report gave an insight into the most-watched daily soaps of Kannada television of the recent week. The report witnessed some major changes in the position of the popular daily soaps on Kannada TV.
Newly launched daily soap 'Puttakkana Makkalu' emerged as the most viewed daily soap. The show has gained tremendous response in terms of TRP and has bagged the numero uno spot. Puttakkana Makkalu has indeed broken the record of gaining the highest TVRs in the launch week, TRP report suggests.

Puttakkana Makkalu has outshined other daily soaps like Gattimela, Paaru, and Jothey Jotheyalli which usually topped the TRP charts in the past. 

New fiction show Puttakkana Makkalu which narrated the story of Puttakka toiling hard for the upbringing of three daughters is all set to treat viewers from today at 7:30pm. The serial has an ensemble star cast which will keep viewers hooked. Umashree- National Award-winning actress and Umashree is all set to make a mega comeback to the small screen with this fiction show in a title role. Umashree will be seen playing the lead role of the mother Puttakka of three daughters. Manju Bhashini- She plays the role of a powerful money lender Bandi Bangaramma. She gives money only if there is a genuine reason and to the people who want to achieve something big in life. Ramesh Pandit-He plays the role of Umashree’s husband who deserts her for not giving birth to baby boy. Later, he comes back to her life after seeing her success. Sanjana,Akshara and Shilpa-They are playing the daughters of Puttakka who knows the harsh realities of life and they are strive for the happiness of her mother. Kannada television will soon be welcoming a new daily soap. The upcoming show 'Puttakkana Makkalu', is about a single mother who has three daughters. As per the industrial reports, the daily soap is all set to premiere in the month of November 2021

  • New daily soap opera, Puttakana Makkalu marks the return of senior actress Umashree to the small screen.
About the show Puttakana Makkalu 2021:

  • The show will be airing on a leading Kannada general entertainment channel (GEC). The channel airing the show has launched the first promo of the new show which features ace actress Umashree in it. Earlier in the month of March, pictures from the Muhurat of the new show had gone viral on social media platforms. The pictures not only had actress Umashree but various Kannada celebs like Vijay Suriya, Anirudh Jatkar, and others.
  • Directed by Arooru Jagadish, Umashree plays the role of a mother, Puttakka, who is abandoned by her husband for not giving birth to a baby boy.
  • Puttakka runs a hotel to feed her three daughters who play the protagonists in the serial.
  • Titled 'Puttakkana Makkalu', the show is about a single mother who has three daughters. The soon-to-be-launched show has veteran actress Umashree in the titular role and is directed by Jothe Jotheyalli's director Aroor Jagadish.
Star Cast:

  • Puttakana Makkalu
    marks the return of senior actress Umashree to the small screen.
    The daughters are played by Akshara, Ameeta Kulal and Shilpa Savasere.
  • Umashree is not new to the Kannada audiences. The actress, who was away from the small screen for quite some years, made a comeback with the show Chinnara Chillipili. The show marked the debut of the actress as a host. It was for the first time that Umashree turned host in her career. Besides the reality show, Umashree was also a part of the daily soap 'Aarthigobba Keerthigobba', which went off during the lockdown phase. She played Ajay aka Kirath's mom in the show. Known for her comic roles, the actress has featured in almost 400 movies so far. She has also received National Film Award for Best Actress for her role as Gulabi in the 2008 Kannada movie Gulabi Talkies.
  • Akshara, I play the innocent elder daughter Aparna, who takes up family responsibility along with her mother. Though her father is alive, her longingness for her father’s love remains a dream. It is a coming-of-age character that I am excited to play.
  • Ameeta Kulal I am the second daughter of Puttakka, who is very studious and wants to crack her UPSC exams, so that all the problems in her life can be solved. She wants to prove a point by becoming an IAS officer to show the world women are no lesser than men in any aspect of life.
  • Shilpa Savasere, I portray Divya, the youngest daughter who has just entered college. She has plenty of dreams that she wants to achieve by excelling in her academics.
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