Vivek Simha to participate in dance reality show Dance Dance 2021-2022

 Latest Update:

  • Dance Dance is back on television in 2021-2022, The auditions for the contestants have been happening for quite some weeks now.
  • Dance Dance will have three judges in the show. Sandalwood actress Haripriya, Actor Prajwal Devraj, and choreographer Harsha will be judging the reality show. They will even be mentoring the contestants when needed.
  • Dance reality show Dance Dance will set to go on air from August 20.
About the Show:
  • Popular dance show Dance Dance will soon be aired on a Kannada general entertainment channel.
  • Dance Dance is another popular reality show which will join the growing list of weekend reality shows like Dance Karnataka Dance and Cooku with Kirikku. 
  • Dance reality show Dance Dance will set to go on air from August 20.
Contestants, Celebs, Participants:

  • Vivek Simha
    to participate in dance reality show Dance Dance. After a brief gap, last seen in the serial Mathe Vasantha, is back on the small screen with the dance reality show Dance Dance
  • The show will give a platform for contestants to exhibit their talents.
2021 Kannada Dance Dance Host:
  • The show was hosted by Akul Balaji. The channel recently revealed the title promo of the show on its social media handles. Akul Balaji is an Indian film actor, television host, dancer who has worked in both Kannada and Telugu languages.
  • Shine Shetty
2021 Kannada Dance Dance Judges:
  • Haripriya, Prajwal Devraj, and Master Harsha to judge reality show 'Dance Dance'
  • Haripriya, Dance Dance marks the full-fledged tv debut of actress Haripriya. For the first time in her career, Haripriya will be a judge of a reality show. The actress was occasionally seen making cameo appearances on many daily soaps. So far, Haripriya has made her presence felt in serials like Nayaki and Sangarsha. She has donned different avatars for her cameo appearance in the serial.
  • Prajwal Devraj, Fondly known as the 'Dynamic prince' of Kannada film industry, Prajwal Devraj will be making his tv debut with the reality show 'Dance Dance'. This is Prajwal's first stint on Kannada television. He had only been a part of celebrity chat shows earlier. While the actor seems to be excited to judge the reality show, his wife, Ragini is likely to be his official designer for the show.
  • Master Harsha, Choreographer Harsha needs no introduction. He is one of the well-known choreographers of the Kannada film industry. Having judge a dance reality show earlier, Harsha will yet again grace Dance Dance as a judge. This will be the second time master Harsha will be judging a reality show.
  • Puneeth Rajkumar
All Season Winners of Kannada Dance Dance:
  • In earlier seasons, apart from just being a dancing competition for celebrity couples, there was also a fun element which fascinated viewers.
  • Dance Dance holds the distinction of having shot the finale episodes in Thailand.
  • In one of the finale episodes, Ramya, Darshan, Sharmiela Mandre, Nikitha Thukral and Chinni Master featured as judges.
  • The winner and runner-up will get cash prizes from judges.
  • Akul harassed Sharmiela: Akul Balaji is six years older than Sharmiela. But In Dance Dance program Akul is a host and Sharmiela is a judge. So it obvious that Akul would show respect to the honorable judge Sharmiela. But in 1st Jun 2016 Season 1 Episode 88 of Kannada TV Suvarna's Dance dance program Akul harassed Sharmiela. After a fabulous dance performed by Murli and Anusha, Sharmiela was passing her comments. She was talking about a step where Murli lift the big girl Anusha up in his arms. Sharmiela was so amazed that she started asking about Anushas weight.
  • But she had no idea that letter on that day, even after a few moment she is also going to be lifted on stage. When she asked about Anushas weight Akul challenged that Murli have the ability to lift her as well. And after saying that Akul didn't even give any space to Sharmiela. He take Murli to the judge panel. That time Sharmiela get shocked. She never expected that Akul can ever through in this type of odd situation. She is the honorable judge. And it doesn't seems good that a judge will get on the arms of a contestant. More than that the contestant was a child. And she don't want to be harassed by getting lifted on someones arm front of everyone.
  • But Akul is so aggressive. He forced Sharmiela and make her move towards stage to get lifted by Murli. At that point Sharmiela was so helpless. She was just praying to god to manage to escape from such odd situation. When she was moving towards stage she made a plan to get escape from this situation. After arriving on stage she didn't give chance to Murli to touch her. Murli is a tiny boy. So she suddenly lifted the boy and show her dominating power. That time her face was saying that she is so proud of herself. She was thinking that she can manage any odd situation. She was swinging the tiny boy in her arms. At that time Murli was helpless. Then Sharmiela thought that it's enough, she have taken the advantage. She put Murli down and to make it sure that Murli don't start for revange, she asked him to forgive her. So Morli get fully dominated by this older woman actress. Everything happen front of Akul but he didn't had any idea that Sharmiela will do something like that to escape. He just wanted to see the judge Sharmiela get lifted front of everyone. But things didn't go as planned. So this makes him more aggressive and he decided to take revenge. He tried to touch Sharmielas hand. But Sharmiela was too angry to him that she didn't let him to touch her. Akul manage to control himself and started dancing with little guys of the stage. But his target was fixed. He is older than Sharmiela and strong as well. Cause he is a man, an aggressive man. He is going to take the revange. But Sharmiela had no idea about that. She just thought everything is ok. She started dancing on stage. Akul Sharmiela and everyone started dancing. Suddenly Akul come closer to Sharmiela by doing dance steps. He Pull one of Sharmielas hand over his shoulder. Sharmiela looked at him and before she start reaction, cleaver Atul put his one arm on Sharmielas waist and other hand below her knees. Dominating woman character Sharmiela couldn't do anything to stop Strong Akul to lift her on his arms. Akul just lifted her at a glance. After getting lifted by a unwanted person Sharmiela was totally shocked. And she was totally confused that what she should do then. She started to give fake smile on camera and tried to hide her reaction first. But her fake face was saying that she got screwed up. After a few second of getting lifted she show her reacted face to Akul. But as she already ****ed up so she didn't create any new new odd situation. She controlled herself and keep setting on his lap like a good girl. Akul swing her in his arms, and spin her around the stage, pose twice front of camera, and looked into Sharmielas eyes to show that he has more dominating power then Sharmiela, She also understand that she had nothing to do. So she didn't reacted after Akul finally let her to get down. This woman actress have been lifted front of everyone. She was not ready to get on Akuls arms. This was quite embarrassing situation for her. The shock was so deep that she would never forget this failure ever in her life.
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