Winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Abijeet’s pet dog Rowdy passed away

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  • In June when Abijeet’s pet dog Rowdy had turned a year older, the actor, TV star and winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 took to social media to celebrate the occasion. Unfortunately, a month after its birthday, Rowdy passed away, much to the actor’s distress. Sharing that his pup had actually passed away last month and why he refused to open up about it till now, Abijeet wrote, “Rowdy. After 14 years of filling my family and me with all the love in the world, my Puppa breathed his last on the 23rd of last month, July 2021.” 
  • Latest Projects: The actor was pushed back into it when he won Bigg Boss 4 but after his win, he continued to keep a low profile. He continues to stay in touch with fans through social media. Buzz is that the actor has bagged some massive projects, further details are awaited.
  • Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 winner Abijeet Duddala has reportedly tested negative for Coronavirus. However, he is still in isolation as a precautionary measure. Latest reports reveal that the actor's mother has tested positive for Covid-19 a few days ago and is awaiting the result of her latest test.

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  • అయితే ఇప్పుడు ఇంట్లోనే ఉంటూ కొత్త వాటిని నేర్చుకుంటున్నాని, ప్రస్తుతం అయితే స్పానిష్ నేర్చుకుంటున్నానని అభిజిత్ అన్నారు. అలాగే స్క్రిప్ట్*లు వింటున్నానని, ఇప్పుడే ఏం చెప్పలేనని తెలిపారు. ఇక పెళ్లి ఎప్పుడు అని అడిగిన నెటిజన్*కు నవ్వుతూనే సమాధానం ఇచ్చారు. ఇప్పుడప్పుడే ఉండదు లే అంటూ తప్పించేసుకున్నారు.
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  • Bigg Boss Telugu 4 winner: Actor Abhijeet Duddala wins the trophy

The much awaited grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 4 hosted by Nagarjuna Akkineni has concluded and actor Abhijeet Duddala emerged as the winner of the fourth season. It was an eventful and gala grand finale with some sizzling performances by the ex-contestants, actresses Pranitha Subhash, Mehreen Pirzaada, Raai Laxmi, Thaman S and some heartwarming emotional moments.

Much against the aspirations of a lady Bigg Boss winner, Abhijeet was crowned as the winner of season 4 with a vote bank sufficient enough to put him at the top of the table. Sohel decided to quit the show accepting Rs. 25 lac cash prize. Our recent poll also confirmed the same with over 58% respondents voting for Abhijeet as the winner.

Abhijeet is known as the 'Mr. Cool' of the show. His calm demeanour, ability to read the game, shrewd gameplay and composure was widely acclaimed. His idea to kidnap Divi in the Robots vs Humans task for his team to have an edge in the task is considered as his first master stroke in the show. His trick to steal the stars in the BB hotel task backfired though. He was one of the most nominated contestants of the season, too. His complicated equation with Monal and rivalry with Akhil have kept him in the limelight constantly. His friendship with Harika and Noel deserves a special mention. His performance in physical tasks throughout the season earned him flak on social media where he enjoys a huge fan following, too.

On the career front, Abhijeet of Life is Beautiful fame has now turned a household name with his BB stint.

How much winning prize after Tax - 20 Lacs
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