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After few more rounds of dumb charades, the rest of the nominated contestants broke the piggy banks given to them. Sreerama Chandra and Sunny got saved next.  The two teams then played a blindfolded contest. Ravi followed by Vishwa got saved next.  After the task, Jessie got saved next. Both Siri and Sweta broke a container in the garden area to bring a box into the living area. The box had Siri’s photograph and Sweta got evicted from the show.  Anee got emotional while Sweta asked everyone to stay strong and play their game. Lobo told Nagarjuna that he can’t lie or fake anything and complained against contestants’ attitude. The host motivated him to use this opportunity and shine in the show. Sweta said the contestants should stay away from Ravi. She said Maanas can be dangerous as he is unpredictable. Sweta opined Anee should talk less and get stronger. She thought Sreerama Chandra needs a quick recharge in the game.  Sweta felt Kajal is at a dead-end in the game and further asked her to come with new ideas. According to Sweta, Vishwa is diverted due to his friends leaving the house and shouldn’t get affected by anyone’s eviction.

Sweta sent to Jail due to Worst Performer:
Sweta and Priya had an argument over the former forgetting to turn off the cooker. Sweta defended herself and argued that Priya’s tone was authoritative. Priya also justified her tonality. The contestants then took part in a luxury budget task. In a conversation with Jessie, Siri vents her frustration over Shanmukh. When Shanmukh later joins their conversation, he says character is more important to him than looks. Siri took offence to Shanmukh’s comments. The housemates then discussed the best and worst contestants of the week. Vishwa and Kajal stamped Ravi as the worst performer while Sunny and Maanas nominate Siri as the worst performer. Priyanka, Priya, and Lobo stamp Sweta as the worst performer. On the other hand, Sweta, Anee, and Jessie voted Lobo as the worst performer. Since Sweta was voted in by a majority of housemates, she was put in jail. In conversation with Shanmukh, Sweta complained that Ravi was not being accountable enough for the mistake he committed in the captaincy contender task.

The recent nomination task has witnessed a high voltage drama as Sweta Varma slammed Hamida, Uma Devi, and Lobo as well. While Sweta nominated Lobo and Hamida while hitting back at them, she lashed out at Uma Devi for disrespecting Anee. Sweta considers Anee as a motherly figure. She condemned Uma Devi's act of disrespecting Anee during the nomination task adding that they can't afford to lose 'humanity and respect for their co-contestant' despite it being a reality TV show. However, on the contrary, Sweta soon slapped Hamida and Lobo with color. This was questioned by Shailaja Priya and netizens as well. Sweta earned flak on social media for her contradictory action during the nominations task though she tried to justify and quickly apologised for the same.  

 Latest Update:

  • Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Sweta Varma to take part in the show.

  • Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 which is set to premiere on September 5 (Sunday) has an interesting celebrity line-up this season.
    Popular Sweta Varma, who shot to fame with is a part of the upcoming season and is already quarantined at a posh hotel in Hyderabad along with his co-contestants.
Bigg Boss Journey:
  • Sweta Varma steps in with a scintillating performance.
  • Swetha Varma says she will reveal her five hidden shades in the show.
About Sweta Varma:
  • Swetaa Varma.

About the Season 5 BB Telugu:
  • The 5th edition of Bigg Boss Telugu is set to entertain the telly audiences in a new time slot.
  • The show will now air at 10PM on weekdays while the weekend episodes will continue to air at 9PM. Notably, the previous seasons were aired at 9:30 PM on weekdays.
  • The channel airing the upcoming season has confirmed the same on its social media handle recently. However, this change in time slot has evoked a mixed response from netizens.
  • Nagarjuna Akkineni will return to host Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 and he is expected to shoot for the premiere episode on Saturday. Keep watching the space for more updates.
Here's a quick look at the list of rumoured contestants of the upcoming season 5:
  1. Anchor Ravi, who is the telly audiences' favourite entertainer, is touted to be a part of the upcoming season. The ace TV host has been approached for the show a couple of times but he is likely to take part in this season.
  2. VJ Sunny, The Kalyana Vaibhogam actor is yet another popular TV celeb who is rumoured to be taking part in the upcoming fifth edition. He has been away from television for a while now. The first look of his upcoming debut film as a male lead was released recently. However, he is most likely to participate in Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. He has been keen upon Bigg Boss Telugu for a while now.
  3. Manas Nagulapalli, This actor of Koilamma and Deeparadhana fame is also rumoured to be a contestant on the forthcoming season of Bigg Boss Telugu. He has played the male lead in a few Telugu movies but his successful stint on TV has made him one of the most probable contestants of the season.
  4. Uma Devi aka Bhagyam of Karthika Deepam fame is an interesting name on the list of the rumoured contestants. She is playing a key role in the show and a few other daily soaps as well. It remains to be seen if the actress will pause her shows to appear on Bigg Boss Telugu 5.
  5. RJ Kajal, This Radio Jockey-anchor is most likely to be seen on BB Telugu season 5 if the buzz on social media is anything to go by. Her interviews and content on the internet are popular and she can be an interesting addition to the list of contestants.
  6. Shailaja Priya, She is a familiar face to the Telugu audiences; thanks to her notable supporting roles in successful Telugu films like Mirchi starring Prabhas, Anushka and others. She is a must mention in every list of the rumoured contestants of the season.
  7. Varshini Sounderajan, Rumour mill has it that this popular TV host is a part of the upcoming season 5 of Bigg Boss Telugu. However, close sources reveal that she has opted out of the show due to unknown reasons.
  8. Jaswanth Shanmukh, This social media influencer recently made headlines for being charged with drunken driving. He is now most likely to participate in the upcoming edition of Bigg Boss Telugu. The fact that social media influencers hogged limelight in BB Telugu 4 is fueling rumours about his participation in season 5. Notably, his rumoured bea Deepthi Sunaina was a contestant on Bigg Boss Telugu season 2.

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