Kannada TV Show - Krishna Sundari Latest update, New Star Cast, New Story, Today Episode, Yesterday Episode Videos, Written update

 Latest Update:

  • Telugu show Krishna Sundari gets dubbed in Kannada;
  • Kannada TV show 'Sundari' completes 500 episodes; team celebrates the milestone with a disco theme party
  • Kannada TV show Sundari completes 300 episodes: The cast and crew of Kannada daily soap Sundari have a reason to celebrate. The show has successfully completed its run of 300 episodes. Sundari is the story of a girl who faces discrimination for her dark skin, but yet she fights against adversities in life. She has a kind heart but struggles to find the right guy to get married to.

Dubbed Show:
  • The latest to join this is Krishna Tulasi, a Telugu show that has been dubbed in Kannada as Krishna Sundari, which will start airing today at 7 pm and continue on weekdays.
Story of Krishna Sundari:

  • The plot of Krishna Sundari revolves around the protagonist Shyama, an average-looking young folk singer who marries a well-to-do affluent man of values, Akhil.
  • The narrative follows Shyama's trials and tribulations in her journey to becoming a renowned musician.
  • How she becomes a music sensation with the encouragement and support of her husband forms the central plot.
Star Cast of Krishna Sundari:
  • The serial has Kannada actor Dileep R Shetty and Aishwarya H in the lead roles.
Covid Lockdown Impact:
  • If the Karnataka government doesn’t give permission to resume shooting after May24, many more dubbed shows are likely to hit Kannada small screens.
  • Dubbed content from other industiries has always been a contentious issue in Karnataka. The floodgates really opened during the pandemic, when several Kannada shows went off air because of lack of content during the lockdown. One after the other, several dubbed shows took up prime time TV slots, a trend has continued over the months. The latest lockdown is once again paving the way for dubbed shows, as many Kannada serials are slowly running out of banked episodes.
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