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Latest Update.

  • Marathi TV show Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli, which often tops the TRP charts, recently completed a year of its successful run. The show earned a lot of attention from the audience; thanks to its frequent twists and appealing storyline. The lead actress of the show Akshya Naik recently thanked fans and the entire cast and crew of the show on social media for their support.
  • Akshaya wrote, "#1YearOfSMB हसत, खेळत, मारामारी करत, एकमेकांची टिंगल करत, थोडं रडून, तर जरा सांभाळून, एकमेकांना बरोबर घेत आम्ही सगळेच रोज थोडसं एकमेकांकडून शिकून पुढे सरलो. WRITERS, DIRECTORS, TECHNICIANS and ofcourse PRODUCERS आणि @colorsmarathiofficial Creative Team चं हे जितकं श्रेय आहे, तितकच तुम्हा प्रेक्षकांचं पण आहे. 😇 Heartiest Congratulations and Heartfelt Gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our SMB Family and been with us throughout our journey. Many more to come 🥰 #SundaraManamadheBharali @colorsmarathiofficial" Akshaya thanked fans by posting a video with Sameer Paranjape.
About the Show:
  • Sundara Mana Madhye Bharli has won a million hearts within a brief period of time and has succeeded in securing its position on the TRP charts.
Star Cast:
  • The romantic tale of Latika and Abhimanyu is keeping the audience hooked to the TV screens.
  • Along with them, other star cast including Latika, Abhimanyu, Indu, Sajjanrao, Daulat, Bapu (Latika's father), Latika's mother, Miss Nashik, Hema and Ashudada won the hearts of the whole of Maharashtra. Recently, Mazhya Navryachi Bayko actress Aditi Dravid has appeared in the show.
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