Marathi TV Show - Thipkyanchi Rangoli Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update

Latest Update:

  • Today Episode:

  • Veteran actress Shubha Khote is all set to enter TV show Thipkyanchi Rangoli,
    The storyline of the show 'Thipkyanchi Rangoli' has reached an interesting point. The palace of Kanitkar is soon going to be sold. Vinayak Dada has decided to sell the mansion and the Kanitkar family is utterly disappointed. Now, to add one more twist to the show a new character will be entering the show. Veteran actress Shubha Khote will be entering the show and she will play the role of Durga Ayatya. Shubha Khote will be making her comeback on Marathi television after a gap of many years.
  • Talking about her role in this show, Shubha Khote said, "Thipkayanchi Rangoli is my favorite show and I watch it every day. Every character in this show is my favorite. When I was approached for the role, I agreed without a second thought. I will play the role of Durga Atya in this serial. Durga, who seems tough on the face, is very soft at heart. What twist will come in the plot with her arrival? Will the crisis at Kanitkar palace be averted? It will be interesting to see."
  • Thipkyanchi Rangoli is the remake of the Bengali TV show Khorkuto. In Bengali, the show Trina Saha and Koushik Roy are playing lead roles. In Marathi TV, actors Dnyanada Ramtirthkar and Chetan Vadnere will play the lead roles. 
  • New show Thipkyanchi Rangoli is all set to launch soon. The storyline revolves around the Kanitkar family. For them, life is a celebration and they enjoy every occasion with equal enthusiasm. The most important person that connects this Kanitkar family together is Vinayak Kanitkar. Actor Sharad Ponkshe is playing the role of Vinayak Kanitkar, and he is quite excited about it. 

Talking about the role, Sharad Ponkshe said, "Thipkyanchi Rangoli is a family story. Just like making rangoli by adding many dots. So the title of the show is very apt. Vinayak Kanitkar, the person I am playing, is the head of Kanitkar's family. It can be said to be the main pillar of the whole family. The responsibility of the entire family is on his shoulders. He cares for the safety of the family. Money is helpful when a crisis arrives, so he saves money. A very nice star cast has come together. The audience will get to see the family together on-screen once again on the occasion of this show. Once again, after Agnihotra 2, I am happy to be associated with the channel".

Latest Update:

  • New Marathi TV show 'Thipkyanchi Rangoli' to launch soon, First Episode, Date.

About the Show:

  • Marathi TV is all set to witness a high dose of entertainment soon. Many new shows will hit the TV screen soon, and the new show Tipkyanchi Rangoli is one of them.
  • The show Tipkyanchi Rangoli, starring Dnyanada Ramtirthkar and Chetan Vadnere, is set to entertain the telly audience. 
  • The makers of the show released the first teaser and wrote,"नवी मालिका, 'ठिपक्यांची रांगोळी' कानिटकरांच्या रांगोळीत आता नवे रंग भरणार, ही ठिपक्यांची रांगोळी नव्याने रंगणार... नवी मालिका, 'ठिपक्यांची रांगोळी' ४ ऑक्टोबरपासून, सोम-शनि रा. १०:०० वा. Star प्रवाह वर. #ThipkyanchiRangoli #StarPravah"
Story, Plot:
  • Talking about the concept, it is a story of a girl, a sophisticated girl who crosses paths with a guy, a scholar who belongs to a middle-class joint family, and everything changes.
  • Thipkyanchi Rangoli is a remake of the Bengali TV show Khorkute. In Bengali, the show Trina Saha and Koushik Roy are playing lead roles.
Star Cast:
  • In Marathi TV, actors Dnyanada Ramtirthkar and Chetan Vadnere will play the lead roles.
  • The upcoming show will feature many known faces from the Marathi industry like Sharad Ponkshe, Atul Todankar, Girish Vasaikar, Mangesh Kadam, Supriya Pathare, Shital Kulkarni in pivotal roles.
It will be interesting to watch how the show manages to win the audience's hearts and sustain on TRP charts.

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