Bengali TV Show - Basanta Bilash Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:

  • Upcoming show ‘Basanta Bilash’ promises a laugh riot

About the show:

  • A typical para in Bengal isn’t complete without the mention of old hostels or ‘mess bari’ that accommodates inmates from different backgrounds. In fact, the housemates of a typical mess bari sometimes become the centre of attraction for many neighbourhoods.
  • Well, interesting characters of a ‘mess bari’ have inspired many storytellers and filmmakers in the past. There are a number of popular Bengali films that beautifully depicted a typical ‘mess bari’ in the by lanes of Kolkata or suburbs. Bengali audience also witnessed a few TV shows which tried to capture the fun-filled life of a ‘mess bari’ where the members are united by emotions.
  • Tickling that nostalgia, yet another show is going to be launched soon. New TV show titled ‘Basanta Bilash’ will soon premiere on a popular TV channel.
  • ‘Basanta Bilash’ is one such house in the city that accommodated people from different parts of Bengal who have come to the city to achieve their dreams. Interestingly, it has both male and female housemates as the residents. With their uniqueness and eccentricities, they make ‘Basanta Bilash’ a hub of fun galore.
Star Cast:
  • Protagonists Rahul (played by Arpan) and Mohua (played by Nandini) are opposite to each other. Interestingly, they are the only sane and sensible residents of this hostel and develop an intense bond. They help fellow inmates overcome their struggles, emotions, and insecurities.
  • The show will beautifully portray how the otherwise always fighting residents of this hostel get united and face a local promoter who wants to demolish the house. Popular actors Kanchan Mullick and Kamalika Banerjee will play pivotal roles in the show.
  • Besides this comedy-drama, the same channel will launch a new show titled, ‘Jai Jagannath’. Actor Bipul Patra will essay the titular role in this show.
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