Highlights of all Leaps: Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

 Highlights of all Leaps:

  • Kartik and Naira/Sirat getting married several times: Kartik has gotten married on the show for more than we can count. Kartik and Naira’s grand wedding was always used to grab back the audience with their fairy tale romance. After Naira’s death track same happened with Kartik and Sirat. Kartik and Sirat’s wedding plot was also very twisted to keep the viewers intact to see their favourite couple back together, hence stretching the story
  • Loosing its originality: Starting off with portrayal of nice family problems and genuine drama, the show has scooped down to the typical saas-bahu drama in order to add ‘spice’ and keep the audience intact somehow. The sweet innocent Akshara keeping the family together to the drama by the Goenka’s and several marriages of different characters on the show time and again, the show has become more of a dram house than a loved family show. It has lost original identity in order to remain on screen for the longest time.
  • Unrealistic Story Lines: Though Indian drama soaps are too dramatic and unrealistic at times, but time and again YRKKH has bought up plots that seemed to be fully detached from the real world. Tracks like Akshara’s blind sight coming back to normal, Sirat’s career as a professional boxer, Naira pretending to be dead for over five years and rejoining the family are a few storylines that seem to be more dramatic than realistic. Extending several plots just to stretch the number of episodes have resulted in unrealistic scenarios in the show.
  • Repetitive Plot: YRKKH has been following repetitive plots and it has been no secret from anyone. From Kartik-Naria’s numerous separation tracks to gain back the TRPs to Naira and Kartik’s journey of parenthood, the stories have been very similar. Kartik and Naira’s parenthood ride was pretty similar to one that was showcased for Naitik and Akshara with the five-year leap, losing of babies, abortion, etc. the show has again proven to be stretchy rather being original.
  • Frequent replacement of actors: Actors quitting the show and others replacing them is quite common, however in a long family running show like YRKKH, audiences get quite used to the characters and actors who are playing the role. Several replacements for Naksh like first Rohan Mehra, then Rishi Dev, and then Shehzad Shaikh. For a lead character like Naitik, post Karan Mehra quoting the show, Vishal Singh was bought in while Modena Singh who played the role of Kirti Goenka was replaced by Harsha Khandeparkar. Gayu aka Gayatri Singhania was replaced not once but twice. From Kanchi Singh to Deblina Chatterjee to Simran Khanna.
  • Numerous Leaps: Leaps are important for any show, particularly an Indian daily soap. But YRKKH has taken many leaps. Several leaps with intervals like Naksh-Naira grown-up, Kartik-Naira’s leap for Mumbai track, yet again leap for Naira’s death track, so on and so forth. It’s been noticed that as soon as the story line weakens, a leap is taken and a similar plotline is showed with a twist or an extension of incidents before the leap is portrayed, hence stretching the story.

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