OMG Interesting Places and new things in House Bigg Boss Tamil 5

 House Bigg Boss Tamil 5:

  • Here’s a look at the interesting features of the Bigg Boss Tamil 5’s house.
  • Giant model of ‘5’ at the facade: The moment we enter the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house, one can see a Giant model of number ‘5’ at the facade of the house. The bottom tip of the number 5 is at the ground level and the top portion is at the height of the first floor.
  • Tree like structure: A grand green coloured tree-trunk like structure is erected close to the entrance door.
  • Five elements: Glowing neon light-like set up is seen in different spots of the house. This indicates the Pancha Bhootas (five elements) of nature. This includes air, fire, nature, earth and space.
  • Lounge area: The lounge area has large sofas arranged in the shape of a big hemisphere. This time, the contestants will have big comfortable sofas to relax.
  • Mughal style paintings: The house has Mughal style paintings in different sizes at multiple places. Even the door of the confession room has paintings of royal motifs on it.
  • Confession room: The confession room is lit in a much brighter manner in this edition. It has a comfortable sofa with the wing structure on one side and winged horse painting on the other side.
  • Dining table: The contestants can have their dinner at the large circular shaped dining table with floral designed chairs.
  • Kitchen area: The kitchen area is main and it is set up with a big arch-like setup. The cooking point has brown colored traditional cupboards to keep the groceries and rations.
  • Bedrooms: The bedrooms of both the male and female contestants aren’t blocked by any glass type set up. The ceilings of the bedrooms are designed in such a way that the natural light penetrates through it abundantly. Hence, it would be brighter than before.
  • Swimming pool turned into jail: The contestants would not be able to enjoy the luxury of the swimming pool in this season too. The jail has been moved into the swimming pool. The contestants who are subjected to punishment should enter the jail set up in the pool.

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