TOP 10 Controversies of Mathumitha (Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestant)

  • Mathumitha becomes captain:
    Priyanka Deshpande read out the rules of the task ‘Ushar Aiya Usharu’, to select the captain. The contenders for the task were selected based on the 'Name game' task. Mathumitha and Priyanka won the task and hence they were selected as the contenders. In part 2 of the task for captaincy, the housemates had to throw the smiley balls in the net held by Priyanka and Mathumitha. Later, they had to collect those balls in their respective baskets. Mathumitha collected the maximum number of smiley balls and she became the captain of the house for the week. Mathumitha divided the teams for the household chores. Mathumitha suggested all the housemates should have food together at the same time in order to improve the bonding between everyone. 9 contestants, namely, Priyanka Deshpande, Pavani Reddy, Chinna Ponnu, Akshara Reddy, Suruthi, Isaivani, Abhinay Vaddi, Imman Annachi, Varun got nominated for eviction this week. Bigg Boss offered the coin owners Pavani, Isaivani and Varun to swap their nomination by naming some other contestants who escaped the nomination process. They refrained from using the special powers of the coin and stayed nominated. 

    German citizen Madhumitha enters as the next contestants.

  • Aspiring model Madhumitha, who is from Germany, enters the show as the next contestant. She shares that she opted for Bigg Boss Tamil as she is impressed by the show more than Big Brother.

  • Here's what Madhumitha gifted Kamal Haasan

  • Contestant Madhumitha presented a handmade outfit to the host. The superstar happily accepts the gift and promises to wear it one day. Madhumitha shares that she wishes to make her entry into the Indian entertainment industry.

  • Mathumitha teaches German to other contestants,  
    Contestant Mathumitha teaches German to her inmates. She teaches them them how to say 'Did you have food?' in German


About Mathumitha:

  • Mathumitha Raghunathan is a model and costume designer from Germany. She comes from a Sri Lankan Tamil family settled in Germany.
  • She did a professional course in fashion designing and got interested in modelling too. She has been working as an IT professional over the past couple of years.
  • She is one of the friends of singer Dhee. Madhumitha aims to build a career in the entertainment industry in India.
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