TOP 10 Controversies of Miesha Iyer (Bigg Boss 15 Contestant)


Romance is in the air for Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgaal; the latter admits he likes her: The duo started bonding each each other from the second day and have now started expressing their feelings for each other. During the night time, Ieshaan and Miesha were sitting with each other in a cozy blanket when Miesha asked the former what kind of girl he likes. Ieshaan replied saying, "She should be pretty and cute, but I only want one thing that she should love me unconditionally." Then Ieshaan asked the same question to Miesha, who replied to him, "I like very off-beat kind of boys, like who can tolerate my tantrums." Responding to her Ieshaan said, "I've been doing it since the last five days." He further added, "I don't know why but when you cried that day, I literally fell for you." Miesha was a little surprised and told Ieshaan that she can't believe that he liked her because she cried the other day. Ieshaan then stated she won't understand as he's a different kind of a person. Miesha and Ieshaan have been spending quite a lot of time with each other. They seem to be quite comfortable in each other's company. In fact, as per the new promo, the housemates will be seen teasing Ieshaan and Miesha and the two will be seen blushing. Miesha and Ieshaan's bond has definitely made her friend-turned-foe Pratik Sehajpal uncomfortable and he was seen picking fights with the two unnecessarily.  

Miesha Iyer and Pratik Sehajpal get into an argument due to his constant poking; entire house
goes against him: We saw the housemates teasing Miesha Iyer and Pratik Sehajpal as they were a part of a dating show. However, despite having worked with each other and being friends, Miesha and Pratik are not getting along in the BB 15 house. The animosity reached new heights when in the latest episode, Miesha and Pratik got into an ugly fight. As per Bigg Boss' rules the 'Junglewasis' of the show are not allowed to use any luxuries of the house. Miesha wanted to change and wear slacks under her short dress. She wanted to use the washroom but Pratik didn't allow her. She doesn't argue with him and goes to change in a corner of the luggage area. She asks Pratik not to come where she is changing but Pratik doesn't realise it and goes to the area where she was wearing her slacks. As Pratik continues to taunt and poke Miesha, she loses her cool and shouts at him. Pratik gets agitated and asks her to not shout at him. Miesha starts crying and leaves from there. Soon, their fight takes an ugly turn as the incident reaches to the other members of the house. Vidhi supports Miesha and says that despite telling Pratik that she was changing, he still went there. Karan Kundrra, Jay Bhanshali and a few other boys ask Pratik why he went towards Miesha while she was changing. Pratik continued to argue and clarify that he had no ill intentions and Vidhi and Miesha are portraying him in a bad light. Looking at all the chaos, Shamita interferes and backs Pratik asking the other housemates not to corner him. She supports him and says he had no ill intentions. Karan and Jay also support Pratik and ask Miesha and Pratik to sit with each other and clarify. After arguing with each other Miesha and Pratik apologise.
About Miesha Iyer:
  • Name: Miesha Iyer
  • Occupation: Model-Actor, Reality TV participant
  • Claim to Fame: Splitsvilla
  • The Bigg Boss 15 is almost there on our TV/phone screens. Another contestant who has been confirmed is Miesha Iyer who is popularly known for winning Splitsvilla season 12 along with Ashish Bhatia. Miesha Iyer aka Miesha Sakshi Iyer is popularly known as the Splitsvilla girl.

  • The model took part in the Ace of Space and has been in and about headlines since then. She will be another contestant, who has the same background as Pratik Sehajpal since he too was seen in Ace of Space. Miesha was known for her smart gameplay in Splitsvilla along with her sweet yet bold personality. It will be good see the fire and ice side of the actor with her strong game play in the Bigg Boss house.
  • Miesha remains very active on her Instagram account and has a huge fan following online. She is also seen often collaborating for various crisp projects. The model-actor had also hosted the season post the one she won along with her Splitsvilla connection Ashish Bhatia who is also an ex-roadie.
  • Apart from Splitsvilla, Miesha is very active with the youth-based channel and has done various shows with it. One of her latest one is Style in 60. The model seems to catch up on various styles and explore them.
  • Miesha is a fashion diva and her social media is proof of it. She has a huge fan base for her style and fashion and creativity for different looks. It will be fun to see her in the house and also see if she will be able to lift this trophy like she was able to with her last reality show.

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