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  • 'Anurager Chhowa’ ready to feature a new twist,
    Bengali daily soap ‘Anurager Chhowa’, which is the remake of Malayalam show ‘Karuthamuthu’, has kept the viewers glued to the small screen. While Dibyojyoti Dutta, Swastika Ghosh as Dr. Surjo and Deepa respectively managed to woo the audience with their crackling chemistry, makers keep adding back-to-back twists in the storyline to keep the track interesting.
  • The daily soap has been airing some high-voltage drama revolving around the protagonists and it seemed to have worked in its favour. ‘Anurager Chhowa’ has been scoring pretty well. In fact, it topped the TRP charts outshining all other shows. To sustain the position, makers are ready with a new twist.
  • Audiences have already seen how Surjo and Deepa’s relationship fell apart since their twin daughters were born and they eventually separated. While daughter Rupa stayed with Deepa, the other baby is growing up with Surjo. Destiny brought Rupa and her twin sister together. As they became friends, Surjo and Deepa are also forced to have a face to face meeting.
  • Soon, the audience will see how Surjo, is fond of Rupa, expresses his desire to take responsibility of the baby. But Deepa readily denies taking any favour from her estranged husband who once questioned her integrity. Although Deepa kept the truth of Rupa and her twin sister a secret from Surjo, his mom Labanya becomes suspicious. She suspects Rupa is none other than Surjo’s daughter. With this storyline, audiences can expect some high-octane drama in the upcoming episodes of the show. This will lead the chance of Surjo-Deepa’s chance of reconciliation a step ahead for which fans have been eagerly waiting too. It will be interesting to see whether the new twist helps the show to sustain its position in the top most spot on TRP charts.
  • Do you know upcoming show ‘Anurager Chhowa’ is the remake of Malayalam daily soap ‘Karuthamuthu’?
About the show:

  • Bengali television is set to welcome a new show which is the remake of hit Malayalam soap opera ‘Karuthamuthu’ is set to have its Bengali remake. Dibyojyoti Dutta and Swastika Ghosh starrer ‘Anurager Chhowa’ is the remake of this hit Malayalam show which has also been remade in other languages including Telugu (Karthika Deepam), Kannada(Muddulakshmi), Tamil (Bharathi Kannamma), Marathi (Rang Majha Vegla) and Hindi (Kartik Purnima).
  • Though Poulomi Das, Harsh Nagar and Kavita Ghai starrer ‘Kartik Purnima’ had a brief run on television and concluded its journey due to lockdown among other reasons, the original show received a good response on Malayalam TV . It ran for almost four and a half years and fetched several awards in different categories in award ceremonies. ‘Karthika Deepam’, the Telugu remake, which was launched in 2017, is having a successful run since then. ‘Muddulakshmi’ and ‘Bharathi Kannamma’ are also popular among the Kannada and Tamil audiences respectively.
  • Getting ‘inspired’ by a hit movie or TV show and replicating it in other languages isn’t an exception in the entertainment industry. A number of successful Hollywood movies and shows inspired makers worldwide.
  • On the other hand, drawing inspiration from a hit regional movie or a show’s format isn’t new either. Hit formula that managed to cast a spell on the audience once, is referred as a ‘safe option’ in entertainment industry.
  • And the concept is currently dominating Telly world. ‘Sreemoyee’, ‘Khorkuto’, ‘Mithai’ and other Bengali shows have been remade in other languages while ‘Diya Aur Baati’, ‘Nazar’, ‘Sundari’ (Kannada TV show) have been remade in Bengali.
  • The story revolves around two sisters. One of them is kind-hearted while the other one is beautiful but self-centered. The male protagonist, who is a doctor, chooses the kind-hearted girl to be his wife. The story takes a different turn when the other sister falls for the same guy.
Star Cast:
  • Dibyojyoti, Swastika, Prarabdhi Singha, Soumili Chakraborty in prominent roles.
  • Bengali show ‘Anurager Chhowa’, which will be produced by a leading production house
  • It will be interesting to see whether the Bengali remake manages to live up to the expectations.
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