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Latest Update:

  • ‘Sona Roder Gaan’ gears up for a major twist,
    Rishi Kaushik and Payel De starrer ‘Son Roder Gaan’ has kept the audience glued to the television screen with its engaging story. While fans simply can’t get enough of their favourite Dr. Anubhab and the latter’s chemistry with protagonist Anandi, they have been eagerly waiting to see the duo together. Meanwhile, the makers have been adding back-to-back twists into the storyline to amp up the drama. Pretty soon, the show will feature a major twist which will certainly take the drama a notch higher.
  • Viewers have already seen how Nanda forces her family to dance to her tune. She marries Bikram and doesn’t hesitate to give a tough time to elder sister Anandi. Making the situation even more critical for the latter, Nanda, in a way, forces Anandi to attend the reception. Anandi and Anubhab both decide to attend the ceremony. Nanda doesn’t get a warm reception at her new home especially because of Shreya. While the drama slowly builds up around Nanda, Shreya and Bikram, the makers are keen to spice up the track.
  • Dr. Anubhab finally decides to confess his love for Anandi. He looks forward to spending some quality time with her and pouring her heart out. But things take a drastic turn because of Diya’s presence. The latter is head-over-heels in love with Anubhab and simply can’t stand Anandi. She deliberately hurts herself and complains that Anandi tried to kill her. Not only that, taking the drama a step ahead, Diya also threatens to call police and make a complaint against innocent Anandi if Anubhab denies getting married to her. Diya’s unjust demand lands both Anandi and Anubhab in a pickle.
  • With such a storyline in store, Sona Roder Gaan will certainly dish out some high-voltage drama in its upcoming episodes. It will be interesting to see how Dr. Anubhab handles the situation.
Star Cast:
  • Tolly heartthrob Rishi Kaushik plays the role of Dr. Anubhab while Payel essays the character 'Anandi’ and Sudipta Banerjee joined the cast recently as Diya.
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