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  • Rishi Kaushik-Payel De starrer ‘Sona Roder Gaan’ to end; team wraps up shoot,
    Television serial ‘Sona Roder Gaan’ is going to end its journey on the Bengali small screen. The team wrapped up their shoot yesterday on an emotional note. The daily soap starring Payel De and Rishi Kaushik as the lead pair, is set to end quite sooner than expected. It was an overwhelming moment for the team as they shot for the one last time on Sona Roder Gaan’s set. Artists Sohini Sengupta, Shoumo Banerjee, Rishi, Payel along with the other teammates celebrated their journey, which was quite eventful. A small celebration was arranged on the set. The team had a small cake cutting ceremony. It was a memorable moment for the team as they remembered all the memories associated with the show and the set of ‘Sona Roder Gaan’. The cast and crew also posed for some group photos.
  • The TV show for which Leena Gangopadhyay has been penning the story and taking care of its creative matters, was launched in January. It has an ensemble cast and managed to catch the attention of the audience with Payel-Rishi’s crackling chemistry. This is the first time Payel and Rishi had teamed up as a reel pair. While Rishi, who stole the hearts of Bengali audience by playing the role of a dutiful doctor earlier in Bengali TV’s one of the most popular shows ‘Ekhane Akash Neel’, played a medical practitioner yet again in ‘Sona Roder Gaan’, Payel played the character of a responsible daughter who makes several sacrifices for her family.
  • It is the remake of Hindi TV show ‘Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Pani’ which featured actors Ishita Dutta, Karan Suchak and Harshad Arora in prominent roles.

  • ‘Sona Roder Gaan’ highlights the issue of domestic violence:
    Rishi Koushik and Payel De starrer ‘Sona Roder Gaan’, has managed to keep the television audience glued to the screen with its engaging story and performances by the star cast. While the sizzling chemistry between Payel and Rishi remains the main attraction of the show, the heart-touching storyline also managed to win viewers’ hearts. In its new track, the makers have decided to highlight the issue of domestic violence. According to the storyline, Bikram, who was once engaged to female protagonist Anandi, is now married to Nanda (Anandi’s sister). However, their relationship hits a rough patch after Nanda finds out about Bikarm’s extramarital affair with his sister-in-law Shreya. Nanda is taken aback when she notices her hubby dearest having a conversation with Shreya at wee hours. When she confronts him, the duo (Bikram-Shreya) creates a huge hullaballoo and humiliates Nanda. She gets a huge shock when Bikram confesses that he married Nanda only to seek revenge on Anandi. It leaves Nanda devastated and she tries to contact elder sister Anandi. But unfortunately, Anandi misses the call. Next day, when Anandi notices the missed call and intends to talk to her sister over the phone, Bikram answers it. He misbehaves with Anandi. Meanwhile, Nanda, who takes a drastic step unable to bear the humiliation and tries to end her life, is shifted to the hospital. Anandi finds out about it. She takes Nanda home after she is discharged from the hospital. A determined Anandi decides to seek legal help and save Nanda from further abuse. She calls cops and alleges Bikram-Shreya of domestic abuse. The duo gets arrested. Interestingly, a number of other popular daily soaps have also tried to highlight the issue and protest against domestic violence. ‘Mou Er Bari’ had featured a similar track when protagonist Mou handed over her abusive brother-in-law for abusing his wife. The makers were lauded by the viewers for highlighting such an important issue. Non-fiction show ‘Apni Ki Bolen,’ which also highlights different socially relevant issues in its episodes, had also featured a similar story.

  • ‘Sona Roder Gaan’ gears up for a major twist,
    Rishi Kaushik and Payel De starrer ‘Son Roder Gaan’ has kept the audience glued to the television screen with its engaging story. While fans simply can’t get enough of their favourite Dr. Anubhab and the latter’s chemistry with protagonist Anandi, they have been eagerly waiting to see the duo together. Meanwhile, the makers have been adding back-to-back twists into the storyline to amp up the drama. Pretty soon, the show will feature a major twist which will certainly take the drama a notch higher.
  • Viewers have already seen how Nanda forces her family to dance to her tune. She marries Bikram and doesn’t hesitate to give a tough time to elder sister Anandi. Making the situation even more critical for the latter, Nanda, in a way, forces Anandi to attend the reception. Anandi and Anubhab both decide to attend the ceremony. Nanda doesn’t get a warm reception at her new home especially because of Shreya. While the drama slowly builds up around Nanda, Shreya and Bikram, the makers are keen to spice up the track.
  • Dr. Anubhab finally decides to confess his love for Anandi. He looks forward to spending some quality time with her and pouring her heart out. But things take a drastic turn because of Diya’s presence. The latter is head-over-heels in love with Anubhab and simply can’t stand Anandi. She deliberately hurts herself and complains that Anandi tried to kill her. Not only that, taking the drama a step ahead, Diya also threatens to call police and make a complaint against innocent Anandi if Anubhab denies getting married to her. Diya’s unjust demand lands both Anandi and Anubhab in a pickle.
  • With such a storyline in store, Sona Roder Gaan will certainly dish out some high-voltage drama in its upcoming episodes. It will be interesting to see how Dr. Anubhab handles the situation.
Star Cast:
  • Tolly heartthrob Rishi Kaushik plays the role of Dr. Anubhab while Payel essays the character 'Anandi’ and Sudipta Banerjee joined the cast recently as Diya.
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