Life After Lock Upp Anjali Arora


Latest Update:
  • Lock Upp fame Anjali Arora spotted at the airport; goes to receive her boyfriend Aakash
  • Lock Upp fame Anjali Arora, who has shifted base to Mumbai to focus on work, was recently spotted at Mumbai airport. The reality star went to receive her boyfriend Aakash Sansanwal. She looked happy and cheerful as she went to receive her boyfriend at the airport. Anjali welcomed Aakash by giving him a warm hug.
  • Their reunion was captured by the photographers on camera. The couple happily posed for the photographers. Anjali and Aakash looked cute together as they walked hand-in-hand.
  • Anjali had initially not discussed her boyfriend Aakash on the reality show. However, towards the end of the show, all the contestants and even host Kangana Ranaut learnt about her partner Aakash and the reality star started talking about him openly.
Post Lock Upp:

  • After coming out of the show, Lock Upp, Anjali went back to Delhi and spent some quality time with Aakash and her family.

  • Recently, in an exclusive interaction with ETimes TV, Anjali shared, "I enjoyed the last entire week with my family which included Aakash and his family also as they are my family. We had our brother’s function and Aakash's family and all of us had a blast. Now, I am back to work."
  • In the same interview, Anjali praised her boyfriend and shared that he did not question any of her actions, but also admitted that he felt a little jealous of Munawar and her bond, "It’s a normal thing, human nature to feel jealous. When you love someone or like someone and if that person starts bonding with some else, you feel possessive. Bhale he woh aap ka dost he kyun na ho, aap thoda sa feel karne lagte ho. Like inside also in Lock Upp, Munawar and I were such good friends that we would have problems if one of us would start giving importance or time to someone else. Agar Munawar kisi se baat karta tha mujhe bura lagta tha, agar main Kisi se baat karti thi he would feel bad. Toh Aakash and Nazila are people who belong to our lives. It is obvious of them to feel possessive. But I would say that he (Aakash) is so understanding and that is one quality which I respect a lot about him. He has handled everything in a mature way and tackled everything very nicely. Main Aakash ki bahut respect karrti hoon ke usne mujhe Iss baare mein ek sawaal tak nahi poocha (He did not question me at all)," she said.
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