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  • Debshankar Halder-hosted ‘Apni Ki Bolen’ to air Father’s Day special episode
    Popular non-fiction show ‘Apni Ki Bolen’ is gearing up for a special episode on the occasion of Father’s Day. The television show, hosted by veteran artist Debshankar Halder, highlights different topics which are socially relevant. The talk show sparks a debate among the guests present in the studio who share their point of views on the particular issue.
    Keeping Father’s Day in mind, the show will feature a special episode which will explore the eternal bond between father and child. It will highlight the role of a single father and also welcome some real-life inspirations.

    By featuring a dramatized version of real-life incident enacted by popular Bengali artists, the upcoming episode will ask the audience whether a father can play the role of both the parents in absence of his wife. It will also spark a debate whether a man should remarry only for the sake of their children.

    During the shoot, some of the guests opined that a mother's love and nourishment is extremely important for a child’s overall growth. A few, on the other hand, emphasised that a father can play the role of both the parents. Interestingly, one of the guests was a single father and he shared his experience, which added value to the discussion. The upcoming episode will witness some beautiful emotional moments.

    The special episode will also feature a single father and his two kids as guests. While speaking with host Debshankar, the guest shared that his wife passed away when his son was very young. Since then, he has been handling household as well as his work all alone. The children also shared how their dad, who is a superhero to them, never let them miss their mother. It was a truly emotional moment as the guests listened to the struggle and sacrifices made by the guest to ensure the wellbeing of his children in absence of their mother.

    Talk show ‘Apni Ki Bolen’ has managed to catch the attention of Bengali audience with its interesting concept and socially relevant topics highlighted on the show. Debshankar, whose previous non-fiction show ‘Happy Parents Day’ was hugely popular among the audience, is hosting ‘Apni Ki Bolen’. 

  • Didi No. 1 to welcome Adrija Addy Roy, Sanghamitra Talukder and other actresses
    with a new episode full of entertainment. Four very popular artists of Bengali television will appear on the show as the guest participants. Actors Adrija Addy Roy, Sanghamitra Talukder along with senior artists Rajashree Bhowmik and Nabanita Dey Chatterjee will appear on the show as the special participants. The celebrity participants will be seen engaging in a candid conversation with the host. From speaking about personal life to revealing secrets, the guests will unleash their lesser-known side. On host Rachna’s request, actress Nabanita, who plays a meaty role in TV show ‘Amader Ei Poth Jodi Na Sesh Hoy’, will deliver one of her popular dialogues from the daily soap with some improvisations. She is playing Gayatri’s character that has negative shades. Rajashree, who is one of the most popular faces on Bengali television, opened up about her personal life. Host Rachna, asked Sanghamitra and Adrija about their love life leaving the duo all shy. The gorgeous ladies had a gala time during the shoot and the soon-to-be aired episode will give us a glimpse. With all these in store, there is no doubt that the upcoming episode of the popular game show will be high on entertainment. Besides all these, the actors will be seen performing their level best in the different rounds of ‘Didi No. 1’. It will be interesting to see who wins the title today. 

  • Today Episode:

  • Prosenjit Chatterjee-Rachna Banerjee to recreate their magic on small screen:
    Actors Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rachna Banerjee’s jodi gave many hit films to the cine lovers. Their sizzling chemistry and charming presence managed to cast a spell on the silver screen time and again. The actors are ready to recreate the magic yet again, but this time on television. Yes, you heard it right, the popular reel-jodi will share the screen in the upcoming episode of Bengali TV’s most popular show ‘Didi No. 1’. Energy was high on Didi No. 1’s shooting floor yesterday (June 6) as the stage welcomed Bumba Da aka actor Prosenjit Chatterjee. The senior actor shot for a special episode of the popular non-fiction show hosted by none other than Rachna. Prosenjit will feature in a soon-to-be-aired episode of ‘Didi No. 1’ to promote his film starring Ditipriya Roy as his daughter.
  • Rachna was all excited to welcome Prosenjit on the show. Prosenjit and Rachna, who are very good friends in real life, have worked together in Bengali films like ‘Sobuj Sathi’, ‘Ekai Eksho’, ‘Chawa Pawa’, ‘Anyan Atyachar’ and many others. Prosenjit was equally elated to be a part of the popular show that enjoys a huge audience. He said, “I am really happy to be here and enjoying it a lot. It always feels good to meet Rachna with whom I have done 35 movies.”
  • In the special episode of ‘Didi No. 1’, Rachna and Prosenjit will take the audience on a nostalgic trip. They will be seen speaking about their films and sharing many interesting memories in the upcoming episode of the game show. The actors, who played prominent roles in Prosenjit’s upcoming film, will also appear on ‘Didi No. 1’.
  • Rachna Banerjee hosted ‘Didi No. 1’ to welcome Rishi Kaushik-Debjani and other celebrity couples: Popular non-fiction show ‘Didi No. 1’ is ready to air a fun-filled episode featuring some popular actors and their wives as participants. Bengali TV’s one of the most popular and successful actors Rishi Kaushik will appear on the show along with his wife Debjani. From sharing their love story to speaking about Rishi’s love for bike and travel, the couple will be caught in a candid mood. Rishi has appeared on the show before and shares a good time with host Rachna. While he spoke about his work experience, Debjani revealed a few secrets about hubby Rishi. The actor will soon be seen in TV show ‘Sona Roder Gaan’ starring Payel De and Shoumo Banerjee in prominent roles. Besides Rishi and Debjani, ‘Didi No. 1’ will also welcome Nabanita Chatterjee Dey-Raja Chatterjee, Debomoy Mukherjee-Sayanti Roy Mukherjee, Rajiv Bose-Mohini Bose as the participants. All the participants had a gala time while playing the fun games with host Rachna. During the shoot, Nabanita complained about her hubby Raja, who according to her is very strict. Raja, on the other hand, spoke about Nabanita’s forgetful nature and how she lost the key of her two-wheeler which was found after one month. Rachna was floored with laughter. Both are popular actors. Debomoy is also a familiar face on Bengali television. Rajiv too has been a part of many popular shows on the small screen.
  • Popular game show ‘Didi No. 1’, hosted by Rachna Banerjee, is set for a special episode. The show will welcome some of the popular personalities including Madan Mitra, Babul Supriyo, Raghab Chattopadhyay, and Shibaji Chattopadhyay along with their spouses. Interestingly, this is the first time politician Madan Mitra will make an appearance on TV with his wife Archana. Babul too, hasn’t made much public appearances with wife Rachna Sharma. They couldn’t say no to the host or the channel. Both Babul and Madan share a good rapport with host Rachna.
  • Today’s episode will be full of fun-moments. Madan Mitra’s famous one-liners to Babul’s witty comments, the episode will be full on high dose of entertainment. From speaking about their better-halves to revealing fun-facts about each other, the celebrity participants will be caught in a candid mood. Babul joked about marrying another ‘Rachna’ (his wife Rachna Sharma) since he is an admirer of the host and evergreen actress (Rachna Banerjee). Madan Mitra’s reply on this topic left everyone floored.
  • On host Rachna’s request, Babul sang a few songs. Raghab, who was a part of last season of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’, as a mentor, also sang a few songs. The entire team had a gala time during the shoot.
  • Bengali actress Rachna Banerjee has been ruling the hearts of Bengali audience ever since she stepped into the showbiz world. She is one of those rare Indian actresses who proved beauty is ageless. With her talent, oozing charm and grace she is rightfully ruling the hearts of the Bengali audience. As the actress is set to celebrate her birthday on October 2 (Saturday), here are some of her photos which will take your breath away!
  • Didi No. 1 participant Jyotsna Shee narrates how she saved her husband from a tiger; gets trolled on social media
    Jyotsna Shee from Gurguria, Bhubaneshwari in Sundarbans area. In the show, Jyotsna, a fisherwoman, spoke about her life struggles. The participant shared how her husband was attacked by a tiger while catching fish and she had to save him. Her bravery impressed host Rachna and other participants. Although, tiger attacks on fishermen and those, who collect wild honey in the coastal areas of Sundarbans isn’t new, Jyostna is receiving flaks on social media after narrating the incident. She is being targeted by a section of netizens, who claimed the incident she shared in the show is ‘fictitious’.
  • Episode is expected to be high on entertainment with celebrities speaking about their personal lives. They will also be seen engaging in a fun-filled conversation with Didi Rachna. Actors Nilotpal and Diya, who shared the screen in popular period-drama ‘Rani Rashmoni’, bonded during the shooting of the show. They will be seen revealing a few secrets about each other. Suvajit, on the other hand, recently became a proud dad. In today’s episode, he will share how Suvajit and his wife Prriyam’s life took a beautiful turn after welcoming their first child.
  • Arkoja Acharyya, Srabani Bhunia, Debparna Paul Chowdhury, will appear on the special episode which is slated for its telecast today (August 5).
  • ‘Didi No. 1’ set for a star-studded episode; Oindrila Sen, Puja Banerjee, Geetoshree Roy and others to appear on the show.
  • Actress Rachna Banerjee hosted non-fiction show ‘Didi No. 1’ is set for a star-studded episode. The game show will welcome some of the very popular actresses in its upcoming episode. Actress Oindrila Sen, Puja Banerjee, Geetoshree Roy, Rooqma Ray will play fun games with Didi Rachna.
  • The stage is all set to welcome actress Subhashree Ganguly
  • Iman Chakraborty-Nilanjan Ghosh to feature in ‘Didi No. 1
About the Show, Season 2021, 2022:
  • Talented women from different parts of West Bengal compete against each other in a series of entertaining tasks to win various prizes.
  • Didi No. 1 (transl. Sister No. 1) is a Bengali television game show for women launched in 2010. The show airs on Zee Bangla six days a week and also available on ZEE5 digitally. It is the second longest-running Bengali television series by episode count.
  • Total 8 Seasons sofar.
  • Popular non-fiction show ‘Didi No. 1’, hosted by none other than actress Rachna Banerjee
  • Bengali actress Rachna Banerjee has been ruling the hearts of Bengali audience ever since she stepped into the showbiz world. She is one of those rare Indian actresses who proved beauty is ageless. With her talent, oozing charm and grace she is rightfully ruling the hearts of the Bengali audience. As the actress is set to celebrate her birthday on October 2 (Saturday), here are some of her photos which will take your breath away!
  • She is full of swag! Rachna looks absolutely stunning in this photo. White shirt, teamed up with chequered trousers and pinch of swag, made her look stunning. Rachna, in her 40s can surely make a 20 something girl jealous with her flawless beauty. She looks chic in a yellow and black crop top teamed up with black denim pants. Rachna looks chic in this picture. No wonder even after all these years, she is still ruling viewers’ hearts. This photo was taken during the shoot of a special television show. D****d in a red saree, Rachna looks stunning. Traditional jewellery and a beautiful smile made her look picture-perfect. Rachna looks drop-dead gorgeous in this blue dress. She certainly knows how to turn heads. Rachna looks uber cool in this frame. She teamed up her trendy jacket with white trousers and cool sheds. The actress looks absolutely stunning in this frame.
  • Rachna Banerjee hosted ‘Didi No. 1’ is currently airing picnic special episodes and the shooting location has been changed from studio to outdoor location. Besides commoners, both celebrities and their family members are being invited to the show.
  • The upcoming episode of ‘Didi No. 1’ is set to spice up the entertainment quotient of the audience as a few other popular film actresses will also participate in the fun game show. The lovely ladies had a blast during the shoot.
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