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Latest Update:
  • Teams Inti Guttu and Mitai Kottu Chittemma set for 'Mahasangamam'; details inside
  • TV channels often engage and entertain the telly audiences with a fusion of their popular daily soaps.
Mega Fusion/Mahasangamam:

  • Two popular shows Inti Guttu and Mitai Kottu Chittemma are set for a mega fusion.
  • The 'Mahasangamam' episode will be one hour-long episodes which will entertain on June 30 and July 2022
  • These Mahasangamam episodes will feature some interesting sequences between the money-minded Sampada and Siddhu from Inti Guttu, and Kanthamma from Mithai Kottu Chittemma, who often goes to extreme lengths for money. How Kalyani and Chittemma, the female leads of both the serials, handle the new crisis between the greedy trio and the drama that ensues is expected to entertain the fans of both the shows.
About Inti Guttu was launched with an ensemble cast that includes Sai Kiran Ram, Roopa Shravan, Nisha Gowda, Meena Vasu, Nisarga, Aishwarya, and others in prominent roles. The show deals with a young daughter's hatred towards her stepmother (Meena Vasu) who tries patiently to win her love.

About Mithaikottu Chittemma
, on the other hand, featuring Nakshatra Srinivas and Rajeev Ravichandra in the lead roles, has been entertaining fans for a long time now. The storyline of the show deals with Chittemma, a self-made village belle who falls in love with a pilot but ends up locking horns with his mother Kanthamma, a notorious politician who leaves no stone unturned to fulfil her political ambitions. It remains to be seen how Chittemma will deal with Kanthamma and her son.

Both the shows have been sustaining their viewership in their respective slots. It remains to be seen how the upcoming Mahasangamam helps the shows in terms of TRPs.
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