Bengali TV Show Gangaram Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update

 Latest Update:

  • Daily soap 'Gangaram' gears up for an interesting twist
Star Cast:

  • Sohini Guha Roy
    and Abhishek Bose starrer ‘Gangaram’ has glued the audience to the television screen with its engaging story and frequent twists and turns.
  • The daily soap narrates the story of an innocent village guy named Gangaram who is passionate about music and spoiled brat Tyra.
  • Gangaram and Tyra have contrasting personalities but their sweet and sour chemistry managed to woo the audience.
  • The storyline is inching towards an interesting twist.
  • Daily soap ‘Gangaram’ is still airing ‘Jamai Shashthi’ episodes where son-in-law Gangaram gets a royal treatment from Saasu Maa Sunita.
  • Making the event more special, Gangaram’s latest album earns praises from the audience. While Sunita and others are happy, Shibnath instigates his daughter against Gangaram’s family. He asks Tyra to get married to another guy.
  • Tyra, who is a bit upset because of the latest events, lands in a dilemma. She feels bad after recalling how Gangaram’s mother asked her to leave him (Gangaram). She had also told Tyra how she found a perfect match for Gangaram. A heartbroken Tyra agrees to start a fresh life and agrees to get married to someone according to Shibnath’s wishes.
  • While Shibnath plans for Gangaram-Tyra’s separation, Sunita and other ladies are against this decision. They reveal everything to Gangaram and suggest he rescues Tyra at any cost. The ladies suggest Gangaram to appear in a disguise when the prospective groom’s family would be visiting their household. Sunita, Mohona and Sakshi help Gangaram to disguise himself and also teach him some dialogues as well. Although Gangaram, who has done ‘Jatrapala’ at his village earlier, is confident to pull off yet another drama, Sakshi and Mohona feel petrified. The duo helps Gangaram in every possible way to prep up for the upcoming event. Meanwhile Piku, who is jealous of Tyra, hatches a new conspiracy
  • Needless to say, the upcoming track will take the audience on a new journey which is filled with drama and fun quotient. It will be interesting to see whether the new track helps the show score well in terms of TRP.
  • Actress Subhadra is essaying Tyra’s mom’s character, Supriyo Dutta is essaying Shibnath’s role, while Mohona and Sakshi’s characters are played by Mahua Halder and Rupsha Chakraborty respectively.
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