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Latest Update:

  • Aditya Durve to play Satyavan in 'Satyavan Savitri'; says, "I have worked hard on my body language, physique and tone"
  • Recently, the makers of the show 'Satyavan Savitri' announced the name of the lead actress who will play the role of Savitri in the show, and now the makers have announced the lead actor as well. Actor Aditya Durve is all set to play Satyavan on-screen.
About the Show, Story:
  • Satyavaan Savitri is an Indian Marathi mythological television show. It stars Aditya Durve and Vedangi Kulkarni in the key roles. The show will explore the legendary story of a couple Savitri and Satyavan. It is set to premier on 12 June 2022.
  • Princess Savitri married an exiled prince named Satyavan, who was predicted to die early. She saved her husband from Yama, with her love and strong determination.
  • Satyawan Savitri will telecast from Monday to Saturday at 7pm on Zee Marathi channel. The show will start from 12 June 2022. Other information related to the show are given below.
Star Cast:
  • Vedangi Kulkarni, As : Savitri

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  • Aditya Durve, As : Satyavan
Aditya Durve
  • Radha Dharne, As : Young Savitri

Radha Dharne
  • Actor Aditya Durve's 'Satyawan' character is a gentle yet brave man, who is known as 'Jungle Putra'. This is Aditya's first mythological show and for him, it is a huge challenge. Sharing his excitement about the role, Aditya said, "It is a huge challenge for me to work in such a show. I never thought about it. But after the audition, when I found out that I was selected for the show, I was happy yet nervous. The whole team helped me a lot. The audience will get to hear a different dialect in this show. When I first heard the tone and dialect in the script, I found it very sweet but it is very challenging to speak such language. I had to practise for 10 to 15 days to make it easier to speak on-screen. I also paid attention to my body language, tone and physique, thinking about how he would look in that era. I hope when the viewers will watch the first episode of this show, I will be able to create the image of Satyavan in their hearts and minds. Explaining the changes that have taken place in Aditya's life due to this role, Aditya said, "Some of the qualities of the role get into us while playing any role. Once Satyavan decides a thing, he never looks back without fulfilling it. All these qualities are slowly transforming into me." 

  • Actress Vedangi Kulkarni, who is playing the role of Goddess Savitri, Savitri means sun. So the sun is shining on her and at the same time, she is born from a lotus. The beauty of the lotus flower is also in Savitri. Her aura is very positive. Savitri cares for everyone. She thinks about others first and then about herself. That's what I tried to bring to this role. Savitri is also very firm on her decisions.
    I read as much as possible to study the personality of Savitri. She is adamant about her decisions. While playing Savitri I realised that her personality is different and she may sometimes look rude on-screen. So, I prepped well for that. I also learned about her persona which is kind and simple but at the same time, I had the challenge to portray her firmness and stability. I also practised her body language and her manner of speaking very softly.
    The most important thing to be careful while doing a mythological show is the language. The dialect is different in this show. Also, we shoot on a Chroma set (Chroma key compositing, or chroma keying, is a visual-effects and post-production technique), so it was challenging. When we shoot in a live location, we have to imagine the things around us and react accordingly. It was tough.
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