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Latest Update:

  • 'Tu Tevha Tashi' actor Ujjwala Jog: I think every household has a Mavshi; I'm the same in real life.
  • 'Tu Tevha Tashi TV' has been winning the hearts of the audience ever since its launch. All the actors of the show have been giving immense performances since day 1 and one of them is veteran actress Ujjwala Jog.
Star Cast:
  • Tu Tevha Tashi features Swwapnil Joshi and Shilpa Tulaskar in the lead roles.
  • Ujjwala is playing the role of Swwapnil Joshi's beloved Mavshi in the show and their bonding with each other is loved by the audience. The viewers are praising the actress for her acting skills and she, too, is quite delighted seeing the response from the audience.
  • Sharing her happiness, Ujjwala Jog said, "I think every household has an individual like my character Mavshi. Everybody has seen someone like my role Mavshi in their life in different relationships, be it mother, aunt, uncle, or neighbour. This is the same character that we see on every basis. It's so sweet that I get so much good response from the audience for this unique persona."
  • Explaining the similarities between Ujjwala and her on-screen role Mavshi, she said, "My Mavshi's character is a little bit naughty still she takes care of everyone. She is shy but she is just as loving as Ujjwala. I am the same in real life."
  • Ujjwala Jog is a popular veteran Marathi actress. She has worked in the Marathi film industry. She rose to fame with the films like Zenda, Ishhya, Hi Porgi Konachi, Bharatiya, and Pratibimb. Her popular TV show was H M Bane and T M Bane.
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