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Red Carpet: Meera Vasudevan opens up about the intimate scene with Mohanlal in 'Thanmathra'; says, 'He apologized to me before the sequence'
  • Actress Meera Vasudevan is still admired for her character Lekha in 'Thanmathra'. Her role as the wife of Alzheimer's patient Rameshan, played by Mohanlal, had won a million hearts. One of the intimate scenes in the movie where actor Mohanlal went nude for the first time on camera was critically acclaimed too. Recently, in the recent episode of the celebrity chat show, 'Red Carpet', Meera opened up about the sequence.
  • Besides having a candid interaction with host Swasika, the actress spoke about the much-talked-about intimate scene in the Blessy directorial.
  • "During the discussion, while Blessy was explaining the love-making scene, he said that many senior actors had denied the movie because of this. I just asked him why this scene is required. He explained that the scene was important from the wife's perspective as it was when Lekha understands that there is something wrong with Rameshan as he gets distracted and goes to shoo a lizard on the wall," she said.
  • Further, she narrated how actor Mohanlal apologized to her before the scene.
  • "More than me, it was even more challenging for Mohanlal. He went completely nude for the scene. Before the shot, he came and apologized to me if he was making me uncomfortable by any chance. He was wearing a petticoat before the shot and removed it just before the same. I asked the director to make sure it is shot with a small team and they respected the same. We all worked the scene with a pure heart and integrity," she narrated.
  • Meera Vasudevan is currently the favorite of the Malayalam telly audience with her character in 'Kudumbavilakku'. She plays Sumithra, the main protagonist in the most-watched serial in Malayalam.
  • Red Carpet: Nithya Das recollects hosting 'Sreshta Bharatham'; says, 'The show made my Malayalam better'

  • Nithya Das recollects hosting 'Sreshta Bharatham'; says, 'The show made my Malayalam better'
  • Actress Nithya Das is known for her performance in movies like 'Ee Parakkum Thalika', 'Kanmashi' and more. But, she became a household name for Malayalam telly audience after hosting the mythological show, 'Sreshta Bharatham'. Recently, the actress recollected her experience of hosting the first-of-its kind show.
  • In the recent episode of 'Red Carpet', Nithya was seen as a guest. Besides sharing her experiences in movies, the actress also opened up about hosting the TV show.
  • "It is true that I became more fluent in Malayalam after hosting the show. Being a Kozhikode native, my language is full of that dialect. So, after coming to the show my Malayalam got better. I use to have tears after seeing the scripts and then I read, re-read it and managed to present it. Rahul Easwar helped me a lot," she said.
  • In the same episode, Nithya spoke about her love for writing and her off-screen chemistry with late actor Kalabhavan Mani.
  • "I didnt know why, but me and Mani chettan shared a fighting bond. We used to have fights always. He always took my words as a taunt and we end up having disputes all the time. Even during our last show, we had an argument over a song that I sang infront of him," she shared.
  • Nithya Das is one of the popular actresses of Mollywood, who is currently taking a break from the industry post marriage. Lately, the actress has gained attention with her dance videos online.
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