TV Show Janam Janam Ka Saath Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:
  • Gaurav S Bajaj to play the hero opposite Nikki Sharma in Janam Janam Ka Saath
  • Gaurav S Bajaj playing a king on the show. There is a history to his journey and his palace.
  • Soon
Star Cast:
  • Nikki Sharma

  • Gaurav S Bajaj
    his last stint on Choti Sarrdaarni, a show he joined towards the end to play the new male lead, may have lasted just three months, as the family drama wrapped up in June, but Gaurav Bajaj didn’t lose heart. He didn’t lose hope even when his previous show, Meri Gudiya, became a casualty of the pandemic and shut down abruptly. The actor, who has always had a positive approach towards life and work, is back with a bang. Being a royal character, my body language and dialogue delivery will be different from all my previous shows. It feels amazing to play a larger-than-life character at this stage in my career. It will add to my career graph and my acting chops. “The wrapping up of Choti Sarrdaarni didn’t affect me emotionally because I know how to move on. That’s what I have done all my life with all the rejections and recognition. We have to accept whatever happens. The show ended but it wasn’t abrupt for me, as I was informed about it. The character I played in it will always be close to my heart. It renewed my perspective and changed my approach towards my craft. I am grateful to Rajesh Ram Singh (the producer of Choti Sarrdaarni) for convincing me to play a Sardaar and making me believe that I was an apt choice for the part,” he concludes.
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