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  • Winner of DID Super Moms 3 Varsha Bumra, a labourer from Haryana, lifts the trophy, Varsha Bumra, a Haryana-based labourer, was declared winner of DID Super Moms 3 on Sunday. Varsha, who lives with her husband and son in Hansi, works in under construction buildings and earns around Rs 400-500 per day. Winning the trophy has not just made her the proud winner of the show, but she it has also bagged her Rs 7.5 lakh
  • Talking about her journey, Varsha says, “I never dreamed of earning even one lakh, so earning seven lakhs feels unreal. I got interested in dancing when I saw choreographer Vartika Jha's videos on social media. I used to see her and practise 10 minutes of dancing everyday. I am not a born dancer, nor did I have the means to learn dancing. But I decided to audition for DID Super Moms when I heard about it. And now after winning the trophy, my dream has cone true.”
  • Talking about competing with other mothers, she says, "I felt everyone is so pretty and well-dressed, how will I ever stand a chance? But I am happy that my hard work has paid off.”
  • During the course of the show, Varsha even managed to pay back her loan amount, after judge Remo D'Souza stepped in to help her. She says, “When people saw me on the show, the money lenders from whom we had borrowed money started harassing me. That is when I had to tell the judges how I was unable to focus and Remo sir helped me out.”
  • Varsha plans to use the prize money for her son's education, and she wants to pursue dancing. She says, "It feels nice that today even a common man has a chance to realise his dream. My husband has supported me throughout my journey and now I want to pursue my passion."
  • DID Super Moms season 3 winner: Haryana's daily wage worker Varsha Bumra lifts the trophy; says 'I am happy that I can give a good life to my son'
  • After three months of non-stop competition, hard work and entertainment, DID Super Moms season 3 has finally got its winner in Haryana's Varsha Bumra. She works with her husband as a daily wage worker at construction sites in Haryana. Varsha has always been passionate about dancing and with the help and support of her husband, she could participate in the reality show and has emerged as the winner of the latest season. Varsh, who got married at the age of 17, has a 5-year-old son and wants to give him the best life. In an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Varsha expressed her happiness over winning the title, her journey on DID Super Moms season 3 and her plans to use the winning amount.
  • "I am very happy, My entire family is very happy. We had never imagined in my life that I could achieve something like this in my life and would reach so far. My husband and my son are very happy. My son is over the moon because he had never seen the things that he saw here. Everything was new for us and the love and happiness we got here we had never got in our life. Everyone is so happy in my village, everyone is calling me non-stop and asking about my victory. They are telling me that I have made them, Haryana and my village’s name famous and made them proud," she said.
  • Varsha revealed her five-year-old son's reaction when she was announced the winner, "My son was more happy than me and the moment my name was announced, he started dancing on stage. He told me, "See I told you, only you will win the show".
  • She further added, "I would describe my journey as the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in my life. I got to live my life’s best moments in Dance India Dance Supermoms."
  • Varsha shared that DID Super Moms has changed her life and she's happy that her son will not have to see the problems that they faced, "I always wanted to give the best life to my son and would often think how would I be able to do it. I am happy that finally I have done something. I am the winner of DID supermoms season 3. I am happy that I can give a good life to my son and he would not have to face the challenges we saw and would not go through the problems that we had to deal with. I am happy that I could do something for him," she said.
  • Talking about how she plans to use the winning amount, she said, "I will invest the winning amount for my son’s life and give him a good education. If there’s some amount left then I will use it to better our life. I always dreamt of buying a small house for my son because we don’t have a house of our own."
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