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  • ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’ set for Christmas special episode; artist Jojo to grace the show as special guest,
    With Christmas knocking the door, festive spirit has already infected the environment. After celebrating Christmas under restriction because of COVID-19 pandemic, people across the world are looking forward to enjoying a festive mood with family and friends. Besides new movies waiting for their premiere amid the festive season, television channels, OTT platforms are also gearing up with their share of entertainment bouquets. Bengali television channels aren’t an exception. Almost all leading channels have some special treats in store for the viewers this season.
  • And when it comes to festive season, how can we forget food. It’s gastronomic pleasure that makes the festive season more special. Keeping that in mind, culinary shows, aired on Bengali TV will share some special episodes.
  • ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’, which recently completed its 50th episode, has some special treats for foodie Bangali on the occasion of Christmas too. It will welcome singer Jojo as the special guest. The popular artist, known for her unique voice, loves cooking. She is a good cook and also hosted a celebrity cookery show too.
  • Jojo will share a unique recipe on the Sudipta Chakraborty hosted cookery show ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’. In the special segment ‘Borodiner Bahari Ranna’ the eminent singer will prepare lip-smacking recipe of cooking Laat Saheber Roast, which is perfect for Christmas. Besides sharing the recipe step by step, she will also narrate the origin of this dish and what makes it special. Host Sudipta and Jojo will indulge in free-wheeling chat on the special episode of ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’.
  • The cookery show not only features recipes of exotic food but also takes the audience on a unique journey in an attempt to revive the old flavours and spices of Bengal.

  • Culinary show ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’ to feature a new theme,
    It’s ‘Baro Mase Tero Parbon’ (Thirteen festivals in twelve months) for aam Bangali. And no festival is complete without exotic food. In fact, almost every festival, every season has its typical delicacy that makes the occasion extra special. Keeping that in mind, almost all culinary shows on Bengali TV are gearing up for special episodes in winter. Sudipta Chakraborty hosted ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’isn’t an exception. The cookery show, which attempts to revive long-lost recipes and flavours of Bengal, has some special offerings this season. The show will take the audience on a gastronomic journey and take the legacy of Bengali foods and recipes ahead.
  • The show will soon feature a new theme, ‘Rokomari Ranna’. Host Sudipta will take the audience on a food trip that will cover delicacies from different regions. Guests will share lip-smacking recipes from food that has the flavour of Jalpaiguri, Burdwan, Birbhum and Bangladesh. All the recipes are full of flavours that reflect the rich heritage of the respective regions. Some of the recipes are ‘Kima Bhora Kakrol’ (from Jalpaiguri), ‘Chale Dale Murgir Mishel’ (from Birbhum), ‘Machher Komola Polau’.
  • Besides sharing the recipes, the guests and host will also share stories to underline what makes the food so special and why it is popular in that particular region. There is no doubt that ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’, with which Sudipta made a comeback on television, is ready to take the audience on a special gastronomic journey with its upcoming episodes.
  • Actress Sudipta Chakraborty returns to the small screen with ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’
  • ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’ will be aired at an evening slot.

  • Artist Sudipta Chakraborty, who is known for her power-packed performances and natural hosting skills, will soon be seen on Bengali small screen. Sudipta will return to TV after quite some time.
  • This time, she will host a cookery show which has an interesting theme. The upcoming show ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’, will be a journey of food tales. It will take you back to the history of the rich cultural heritage of Bengal. That’s not all, the show will revive old recipes, old flavors, and aromas. It will take ‘Bhojon Rosik Bangali’ (foodie Bangali) on a nostalgic trip that will retrieve traditional spices of Bengal and long-lost recipes. Each and every recipe shared on ‘Rannaghorer Goppo’ has a unique back story that will add more flavours to the show.
  • Host Sudipta is all excited about her upcoming project which will launch on October 17. The eminent actress who has played versatile roles in movies like ‘Udonchondi’, ‘Pupa’, ‘Open Tee Bioscope’ and others, was last seen in TV show ‘Bhoomikanya’.
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