Shivin Ganesan TOP 10 Controversies, Unknown Facts, Bigg Boss Tamil 6 Contestant, Full Journey


Latest Update:
  • She has entered BB Tamil Season 6.
  • She is a part of Bigg Boss Tamil season 6, a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community. As it is evident that Shivin Ganesan’s instructor was Namitha Marimuthu of the Bigg Boss season 5 fame. She is selected as the contestant for this grand and successful show on the criteria of the general audience and common public, along with influencers Dhanalakshmi and Nivashini.
About Shivin Ganesan:

  • Bigg Boss Tamil 6 contestant Shivin Ganesan is a proud trans-woman who moved to Singapore to pursue her career she found her independence in her new home and her mother had constantly tried to get out of the "phase" but then realized life might be difficult for her here and sent her to Singapore.
  • Shivin, however, decided to come back to India, as she felt that the only reason she was staying away was that her gender identity could make life tricky and she chose to still come here and face the consequences, Shivin wanted to establish that a person's gender identity only has relevance to their partner and the rest of society should ideally not make it their focus.
  • She added that she didn't find the need to get into protests or make a big deal out of her identity, as long as she could manage to live peacefully with a decent career and lifestyle she considered her life a success. She said she wanted to give confidence to trans-teens and their parents that a smooth life would still wait for them as long as they get educated.
  • Shivin mentioned she has always been keen on participating in art and performances, and she vented about how the industry ends up using male artists to play trans roles instead of hiring a trans actor. She said that would open doors for many trans women who are dreaming of an acting career.
  • Apart from being a multi-talented model, actress, and IT professional, she is working as an unpaid teacher and a career guidance mentor to help students from underprivileged communities who enroll in public schools enhance their basic literacy skills.
  • On March 21 in Barcelona, Spain, she also made India proud by taking part in Miss Trans Star International 2022. Namitha Marimuthu is the mentor, guru, and personal coach of Shivin Ganesan.
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