Telugu TV Shows TRP


  • The latest TRP report is out and there are no major changes except for the fact that a few shows have improved their viewership and there are new entrants in the club of top 10 shows.
  • Karthika Deepam continues to top the TRP charts. The show, which redeemed its apex spot recently, has managed to cement its position. Karthika Deepam has indeed improved its viewership in the U+R category recording its highest in the past four weeks at least. The show is closely followed by yet another popular daily soap Guppedantha Manasu featuring Mukesh, Raksha, Sai Kiran Ram and Jyothi Rai in the lead roles. The daily soap that always posed a stiff competition to Karthika Deepam even topped the TRP charts for a couple of weeks recently.
  • While Intinti Gruhalakshmi featuring Kasthuri Shankar, Indraneel and others has cemented its third spot, Suhasini and Arjun Ambati's Devatha continues to sustain its fourth spot.
  • Priyanka Chowdary and Shivakumar Marihal starrer 'Intiki Deepam Illalu' which has been performing consistently for a while now has improved its viewership further being in the fifth spot. Intiki Deepam Illalu has outshined other popular shows like Janaki Kalaganaledu and Trinayani with some impressive ratings in the U+R category to secure a position in the top 5 shows. Owing to its popularity, Intiki Deepam Illalu was recently dubbed into Kannada as well.
  • Notably, Trinayani has crawled up in the TRP chart moving up to sixth spot while popular daily soaps Janaki Kalaganaledu, Radhamma Kuthuru, Padamati Sandhyaragam, Kalyanam Kamaneeyam are closely following in the seventh, eighth and ninth positions respectively. While Malli, too, has made it into the top 10 TV shows this time, popular show Prema Entha Madhuram couldn't find a spot in the list of top 10 shows even now.
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