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  • Akhil calls off his engagement with Priya,
    Rebecca Santhosh and Nithin Jake starrer 'Kaliveedu' is showcasing one of the intriguing twists in the storyline. While Arjun and Pooja are trying their best to stop Akhil's wedding with Priya, their enemies are determined to do the opposite.
  • In the recent episode of the show, the family enjoys a grand party on Akhil's birthday. However, during the celebration, Nandan takes everyone by surprise by announcing that he is going to give Akhil a big gift. Nandan says he is giving his beloved daughter Priya in marriage. Even Akhil and Priya are shocked with this announcement. On the other hand, Arjun and Pooja are clueless about how to stop this.
  • Notably, Pooja is upset by the announcement and she hesitates to talk about it. Arjun notices this and says Priya is perhaps not interested in the wedding. Everyone gets suspicious over Arjun's words and they wait for Priya's reaction.
  • Leaving Arjun, Pooja and Akhil surprised, Pooja says she is more than happy about the engagement. She says she is lucky to get a doting husband like Akhil. Further, Nandan gives the ring to Priya and asks her to give it to Akhil. But, Akhil panics and tries his best to stop the engagement. Eventually everyone force him to get engaged. But Akhil throws the ring away and declares that he cannot marry Priya. Everyone is shocked by Akhil's words.

  • Anu and Madhu plot against Pooja,
    Family drama 'Kaliveedu' is showcasing a crucial phase in the storyline. The issues between Pooja and Arjun have created a huge ruckus in the house too.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Kanaka asks for money from Pooja for household expenses. Meanwhile, Achamma enters the scene and stops Pooja. She lashes out at Pooja saying that she doesn't have any right in the family. She confronts Pooja about her issues with Arjun and says that she has hurt everyone in the family too. Later, Achamma calls everyone and announces that Pooja shouldn't handle the finances of the family, since she is not with Arjun anymore. Wheile Madhuri gets shocked by Achamma's words, Anu and Madhu are happy that their plans are finally succeeding. Achamma says Pooja, who tries to stop Anu and Akhil's wedding, should be incharge of the financial things.
  • Meanwhile, Kanaka intervenes and says it is cruel to treat a woman like this. She says that Pooja had handled the finance well and there were no issues to date. However, Achamma is not convinced by Kanaka's argument and she asks Madhuri to take back the key from Pooja. She also says that Anu, who is the biological daughter of Arunima, should be given charge of the finances. Madhuri also agrees to the same and she takes the key back from Pooja.
  • 'Kaliveedu' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV. Along with Rebecca and Nithin, the show has Uma Nair, Krishna Prabha, and others playing lead roles.
  • Arjun objects to Priya and Akhil's wedding; Pooja requests him not to overreact

  • Rebecca Santhosh and Nithin Jake starrer 'Kaliveedu' continues to win hearts with the intriguing storyline. After the romantic sequence of much-loved reel couple Arjun and Pooja, the family drama is headed towards some serious conflicts.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Arjun is seen walking restlessly in his room. He enters the bedroom and tends to leave. But, he comes back and tells Pooja that he is not going to work since he is worried about the issues at home. Pooja consoles him saying that everything will be fine and requests him to concentrate on work. Meanwhile, they overhear the voice of Nandagopan and Arjun deciding to talk to him. But, Pooja tries to stop him and requests not to pick up an argument. He promises her that he will not make any issue.
  • Later, when Arjun is about to meet Nandagopan, Amma enters the scene. She enquires whether Arjun is going to meet the guest. Arjun says that he is going to Nandagopan to discuss Priya and Akhil's wedding. Amma stops him saying that she doesn't want him to interfere in it. She also requests him not to stop the wedding. Though he was hurt by Amma's words, Arjun decides not to meet Nandagopan.
About the Show:
  • 'Kaliveedu' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV.
New Star Cast:

  • Along with Rebecca and Nithin, the show has Uma Nair, Krishna Prabha, and others playing lead roles. 
  • Kasthooriman fame Rebecca Santhosh and Neelakkuyil actor Nithin Jake will be seen as a couple in the upcoming show 'Kaliveedu'. The show is expected to be dealing with the married life of a couple. The show's promotional material featuring Rebecca and Nithin in wedding attire has already won hearts.
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