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  • The popular show Kudumbasree Sharada features Sreelekshmi, Prabin, and others. Sharada takes Shalini back to her home after learning about the latter's pregnancy. Satyabhama also humiliates Sharada by mentioning Shalini and Vishnu's wedding. The popular show 'Kudumbasree Sharada' is winning hearts with its engaging storyline. After the shocking pregnancy announcement of Shalini, the story is progressing with an interesting track.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Sharada has a conversation with Sathyabhama at Vishnu's house. Sathyabhama humiliates Sharada saying that her daughter Shalini has done a grave mistake. Sathyabhama mentions that even their wedding was against her (Satyabhama's) will. Hearing this, Sharada says she believes her daughter might not be at fault. She also promises that the truth will prevail. Satyabhama orders Sharada to take Shalini back to their house. Later, Shalini bids goodbye to everyone and leaves the house with Sharada.

  • Rajeevan takes Sharika home,
    The popular show 'Kudumbasree Sharada' is gaining attention with its interesting plot. After the dramatic wedding between Rajeevan and Sharika, it seems like everything has fallen into place.
  • In the recent episode, Rajeevan visits Sharada's home and requests her to let Sharika go with him. He says his mother has changed after recovering from the cardiac arrest. He also promises that Sharika will be happy with him.
  • Meanwhile, Sharada says that she will come along with them. But, Rajeevan replies that he can take her and doesn't want to trouble Sharada. Sharika bids an emotional goodbye to her mother and tends to leave. Sharada tells Sharika that it is time for her to be a responsible daughter-in-law. She also advises her not to be upset with Rajeevan if he spends more time with his family.
  • Later, the duo leaves the house and Sharada is happy that her daughter is finally having a happy family life. However, Rajeevan seems to be restless.
  • On the other hand, the love-hate track between Vishnu and Shalini continues to entertain the fans.
  • 'Kudumbasree Sharada' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV. The show has Sreelekshmi, Prabin, Mersheena Neenu, and others playing meaty roles.

  • Kudumbasree Sharada: Satyabhama accuses Shalini of stealing her property documents
  • The popular show, 'Kudumbashre Sharada' has managed to grab the attention of serial lovers over a couple of months. After the surprise wedding of Vishnu and Shalini, the show currently progresses with Shalini falling prey to Satyabhama's vengeance.
  • In the recent episode of the show, Paul enters Sharika's wedding venue and creates a ruckus. He warns that he will not let the wedding happen unless he gets his money and gold back. Everyone gets surprised by Paul's words and Vishnu tends to slap the former. He warns Paul that he will never let anyone stop the wedding.
  • Meanwhile, Satyabhama enters the wedding hall and everyone gets shocked. She rushes to the mandap and states that this marriage will not happen. She further says that it is not because of Paul, but Shalini has already foiled the wedding. Satyabhama accuses Shalini of stealing her property document to get money for her sister's wedding. Shalini, who is shocked by the allegations, defends herself stating that she hasn't done anything wrong. Satyabhama also slams Sharada for her daughter's deed.
New Star Cast:
  • 'Kudumbasree Sharada' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV. The show has Sreelekshmi, Prabin, Mersheena Neenu, and others playing meaty roles.
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