Malayalam TV Show Thoovalsparsham Latest Update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Episode Written Update


Latest Update:
  • Sreya Nandini offers help to Chaithra, says will find Chandini's murderer.
New Story:

  • Malayalam TV show, 'Thoovalsparsham' has managed to grab the attention of the audience with an engaging storyline. The family drama, which is currently progressing on a crime thriller track, seems to have gained the interest of the fans too.
  • In a recent episode of the show, Sreya is seen confronting Malu for becoming lady Robinhood again. She scolds that it was unnecessary for Malu to do it. But, during the conversation, Malu reveals that she has found a crucial clue for Sreya's investigation. She shares that the person she trapped today, Varghese Mathew is a close friend of the police commissioner. Hearing this, Sreya recollects one of her conversations with the police commissioner and realizes that the latter has already mentioned Varghese Mathew to her.
  • On the other hand, Vivek is restless that Chaithra has found Chandini's laptop. He is afraid that she would give it to Sreya and that will land him in trouble. Chaithra is seen searching Chandini's laptop for evidence. But, she finds nothing but her sister's suicide note. Chaithra thinks that she will not show the laptop to Sreya as the latter is trying to save Vivek. Meanwhile, Sreya calls Chaithra and asks why didn't they meet Alok, the police officer. She also promises Chaithra that she will help her retrieve the deleted data from Chandini's laptop. Hearing this, Chaithra says that she doesn't believe in Sreya and the police force. She reiterates that she is sure it is Vivek who killed her sister.
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