Bengali TV Show Savitri Maaer Bratakotha Latest Update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Episode Written Update


Latest Updates:
  • TV show 'Savitri Maaer Bratakotha’ to premiere in Jan 2023
About the Show:
  • TV series 'Meyeder Bratakotha' is ready to entertain the audience with its new story 'Savitri Maaer Bratakotha'.
  • The series enjoys a good viewership because of its devotional flavour.
Story, Plot
  • Devotional show 'Meyeder Bratakotha' was introduced in 2021.
  • It highlights the auspicious traditions and rituals that are an integral part of almost every household.
  • The show dwells upon the immense strength that a devotee attains through his or her faith.
  • 'Savitri Maaer Bratakotha' will showcase the inspiring chronicle of Devi Savitri, who by virtue of her sheer conviction, unwavering determination and intellect challenged the verdict of destiny.
  • Savitri forced Yam Raj to give his husband Satyavan’s life back. It was the strength of her affection that transcended all impediments and restored Satyavan's life. Across India, she is being worshipped by women for her courage and indomitable spirit.
New Star Cast:

  • ‘Savitri Maaer Bratakotha’ will narrate the story of Lavanya (played by actress Shrestha Pramanik) and Palash (played by Keshav Bhattacharya).
  • Lavanya is a charming young woman living in Savitrigarh and a devoted worshipper of Maa Savitri.
  • She falls in love with Palash (Keshav Bhattacharya) and they get married. Soon after their wedding, Lavanya comes across the fateful prediction that within a year Palash is destined to die. Fearless and determined, Savitri decides to challenge destiny.
  • With the blessings of 'Maa Savitri' Lavanya crosses all the hurdles on her way and defeats destiny. Actress Sujoya Konar is playing Savitri in this show.
Bengali New TV Shows of 2023:
  • This New Year is going to be high on entertainment. With a list of promising launches, Bengali television viewers are certainly in for some high dose of entertainment.
  • New game show hosted by Indrani Halder and Aparajita Adhya, Roopa Ganguly starrer ‘Meyebela’, Leena Ganguly’s ‘Balijhor’, (starring Trina Saha, Koushik Roy and Indrasish Roy), ‘Mon Dite Chai’ (Writwik Mukherjee and Arunima Halder ) , TV series ‘Sahityer Sera Somoy’ and ‘Super Singer Season 4’ are among the new projects.
  • Adding one more to the list, TV series ‘Meyeder Bratakotha’ is also ready with its next offering. The fourth story of the popular TV series is 'Savitri Maaer Bratakotha'.
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