Malayalam TV Show Shyamambaram Latest Update, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Episode Written Update


Latest Updates:
  • Today Episode
  • The show will premiere on Monday (February 6).
  • Haritha G Nair introduces her character Shyama in 'Shyamambaram'; says, 'I was confused whether the new makeover would suit me' In a note shared online, the actress has penned a note introducing her character Shyama in the show, 'Shyamambaram'. She shares that she was skeptical about the makeover in the show.
New Star Cast:

  • Haritha G Nair
    is one of the much-loved actors on Malayalam TV. Her characters in popular shows like 'Kasthooriman' and 'Thinkalkalaman' were well received by fans too. This time, the actress is gearing up to entertain the viewers with a new character and she is all excited about it.
  • In a note shared on her social media account, Haritha has penned a note introducing her character Shyama in the upcoming show, 'Shyamambaram'. "Every artist wishes to get distinct characters in their career. However, getting the privilege of character selection and story selection is very less in TV. Still, when each character ends, my mind wishes to get a unique character next. By God's grace, I was blessed with unique characters in all my projects. Now, coincidently, Shayama came to me. A distinct character in both look and feel. The character of a Krishna devotee, for the one who always held the god close to heart," she wrote.
  • Further, in the note, the actress, who will be seen with a dusky complexion for the character, mentions that she was apprehensive about the makeover initially. "Love, devotion, revenge, talent, fear, and more, the story is a mix of many such emotions. Initially, I was confused whether the new makeover would suit me, but thanks to the team, they stood by me for pursuing it," she added.
  • Along with the note, she has also shared a glimpse of the show's plot.
New Story:
  • 'Shyamambaram' is one of the much-awaited shows on Malayalam TV.
  • As per the updates, the show portrays the life of Shyama, played by Haritha, a talented singer, who secretly lends her voice to a known singer.
  • On the other hand, she faces severe shaming from society, as well as, her family for her dusky skin complexion.
  • How her life takes an unexpected twist after the entry of the hero, Akhil, played by Rahul, forms the crux of the story.
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