TOP 10 Controversies of Vlogger Shivani Kumari

Bigg Boss OTT season 3 contestant Shivani Kumari has always been open about her life and the troubled life she has witnessed since childhood. In the recent episode, the Youtuber got emotional talking about her life and the challenges she faced while growing up. She shared with Naezy and Vishal Pandey how she never got love from her mother and she was treated as a burden.

During the conversation, Naezy asked her about how she got any idea to start with her Vlogs, Shivani said, "I would watch a lot of videos and I loved acting.

Mere gaon mein VCR chalti thi pehle aur mere saamne hero heroine acting karte the, toh main bhi unke jaise karne ki koshish karrti thi. I would often think main kaise karungi, kaise banoongi inke tarah. I didn't even have a phone with me. I was not even allowed to study because my mother thought education is of no use for girls because at the end of the day they have to work in the kitchen, get married and have kids. I was just one year old when my father passed away. I struggled a lot in life.

My mother wanted to have a son as she already had three daughters. She wanted a boy as she felt he would make her name. She threw me away as she didn't want a daughter again. I would not get medicines even if I would bleed from my mouth.

Shivani gets emotional and starts crying. She adds, "Jab hum khud ki zindagi ke taraf dekhte hain na bhai toh bahut rona aata hai ke hum yahan kaise aagaye. Jab hum ye sochte hain alag baith ke, bus dheere dheere phone leliya, ghar ka anaaj bech ke. Mummy ne mujhe diya tha ke fees bhar dena school ke. Jitni bhi padhayi humne kiya hai, woh khud ke dum par kiya hai. Kaise bhi Hindi, hum padhe ( When I look at my own life, brother, it makes me want to cry thinking about how I got here. When I sit alone and think, I remember slowly selling off household grains to get a phone. My mother had given me money to pay school fees. Whatever education I have pursued, I have done it on my own. No matter Hindi, whatever I got I just studied. All my other family members are illiterates)."

She further opened up about her mother and how she never got love from her, "Mummy ne mujhe kabhi pyaar nahi kiya, mujhe ghar se pyaar bhaiya ek percent ka bhi nahi mila ke ladki hai, hogayi paida theek hai. Main ye sab jhelte jhelte, yahan tak aagayi. Joh Maine sapne dekhe the usmein mujhe success mil gayi. Joh main karna chahti thi woh main kar rahi hoon. Mujhe yahan Batdameez ka tag de diya hai , woh mujhe andar se bahut kharab laga.Main chah ke bhi in sabse badtameezi se baat karungi. Joh mere upar beetti hai, mujhe bus aisa lag Bigg Boss mujhe ghar se bahar nikal de, ye tag bardaash nahi paa rahi (My mother never loved me, and I never received even one percent of love from my family because I am a girl. I have endured all this and reached this point. The dreams I had, I achieved success in them. I am doing what I always wanted to do. Being labeled as 'rude' here has hurt me deeply. Despite wanting to, I will never be able to speak rudely to everyone here. Whatever I went through that day, I just feel that Bigg Boss should have evicted me from the house; I couldn't bear this tag anymore)."

Naezy and Vishal appreciated her efforts and praised her. Vishal even hugged and consoled her. While complimenting Shivani, Naezy shared how after hearing her journey, it has inspired him.

Shivani Kumari is the thirda contestant to enter the show

कौन हैं शिवानी कुमारी? 'बिग बॉस OTT 3' की कंटेस्टेंट को पड़ोसी बोलते थे  पागल और मां भी चली गई थी छोड़कर - bigg boss ott 3 who is contestant shivani  kumari 

Vlogger Shivani's struggles

Coming from a poor background, Shivani began creating videos to support her family. Despite her good intentions, she faced harsh resistance from her family and community. "My mother even stabbed me in the stomach and pulled my hair to stop me from making videos," Shivani revealed, leaving the audience in shock.Despite these extreme measures, Shivani's determination brought her to the Bigg Boss stage. "I am grateful for all the struggles, as they have made me who I am today," she added, showcasing her resilience and strength.

Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestant Shivani Kumari says she started creating content  to her feed mother, sisters: 'I was boycotted by my village' | Web-series  News - The Indian Express 

Shivani gets emotional saying, "Mera sapna poora ho gaya." She also got her phone to capture the moment. She says she has never stepped out alone and this is her first venture alone outside. She got her 'ghar ki mitti' along with her.

Shivani Kumari and Sana Makbul make a pact

Sana Makbul speaks in English and Anil Kapoor states that Shivani doesn't like English. Shivani says that she doesn't like people who speak in English. Sana tells her that she will teach her English and she can teach her Hindi.

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani Kumari says 'My mother stabbed me to stop me from making videos'

Bigg Boss OTT 3: The premiere of the episode welcomed social media influencer Shivani Kumari, who is the third contestant to enter the house. During her entry, Shivani got emotional and started crying over seeing host Anil Kapoor. She also got the host emotional, who was seen wiping off his tears. Shivani opened up about his struggles and narrated her trials and tribulations. In a heart-wrenching moment during the grand premiere of Bigg Boss OTT 3, Shivani Kumari, the third contestant of the season, talked about her emotional journey. Shivani shared how she faced severe backlash from her family and village for making videos.

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Shivani and Ranvir's tiff over bed continues

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Ranvir says 'Pagla gayi hai'. Shivani continues to plead Ranvir for bed and says. 'Ab jhagra karna padega?' Ranvir says, 'Toh main darrta nahi hu.' Shivani keeps nagging and Ranvir wants that once all the contestants enter the house then they can decide on the beds.


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