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Colors' Uttaran to go off air on 16 January

Krip Suri to enter Colors' Uttaran

Yuvaan to have a change of heart in Colors' Uttaran

The popular show Uttaran (Film Farm India) on Colors has been seeing a lot of action and drama in the past few episodes, with the family getting to know the reality of Yuvaan (Bharat Chawda).

In the ongoing track, Akash (Mrunal Jain) hit Yuvaan badly for pushing Meethi (Tina Dutta), which resulted in her miscarriage. But he will be in a shock when his wife would want to meet her step brother Yuvaan after she would get to know that he has been arrested.

Although Akash would be against it, Meethi will go to the jail and try talking to Yuvaan about his mistakes. Yuvaan who had returned in the life of Mukta (Sreejita De) to take revenge, would however be adamant on his decision to ruin her.

Informs a source, “After a lot of sobbing, Meethi will finally put some sense into Yuvaan’s mind and will emotionally blackmail him to change his decision.”

Yuvaan would agree on the same and the two will be seen sharing an emotional bond.

Has Yuvaan really changed? Or is it yet another gameplan, this time to get out of jail?

We called up Bharat who said, “I am yet to shoot the confrontation scene of Meethi and Yuvaan. So I don’t really know what will happen. But I can assure you that there would definitely be an interesting turn ahead.”

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Bharat Chawda to play Yuvraj in Colors’ Uttaran

We are the first to write about the vicious character of Yuvraj making a comeback in Colors’ Uttaran (FilmFarm India).

However, we also mentioned that Saurabh Raj Jain, who was earlier seen in the role of Yuvraj, will not be making a comeback in Uttaran for being busy with his other project on Star Plus, Mahabharat (Swastik Pictures).

So what does that mean? Yes, some other actor will make a dhasu entry as Yuvraj. And who would that be? 

Well, we have the answer. It’s none other than talented actor Bharat Chawda.

Bharat recently won accolades for his spirited role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Ramleela.

Bharat as Yuvraj, will be an out-and-out negative figure who will be hell-bent on making Mukta’s (Sreejita De) life miserable.

Bharat’s entry will air soon.

We buzzed him for a confirmation but he being busy asked us to get in touch later. 

Yuvraj to stage a comeback in Colors' Uttaran; Saurabh Raj Jain's replacement on the cards
Akash-Meethi, Sankrant-Ambika to get married in the same mandap in Colors' Uttaran
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Meethi to file for divorce; Vishnu to marry Mukta in Colors' Uttaran
Meethi to seek divorce from Vishnu in Uttaran!
With Vishnu (Ajay Chaudhary) married to Meethi (Tina Dutta) instead of Mukta (Sreejita De), the FilmFarm India’s popular show Uttaran on Colors seems to have the new love-hate story on the rise. However, the coming episodes will see a twist in the tale when Meethi seeks divorce from him but Vishnu will deny it.

As one could notice through the previous episodes that Vishnu was very much in love with Mukta and had confessed his love just before his wedding with Meethi, however amide some confusion he got married to Meethi, instead of Mukta. Even, Mukta had also written a letter to Meethi revealing the same. However, the letter never reached her.

But in the coming episode, the puzzle will solve when Mukta confronts Meethi about the same. This has left Meethi with her future being in a limbo. But the other side, Vishnu decides to live with Meethi, thus sacrificing his love.

“Meethi will request Vishnu to divorce her and get back with Mukta again. However, Vishnu will refuse to do so. Instead he will tell her that her mother Ichcha (Tina Dutta) always taught him to give importance to relationships and not break them. Hence, he has decided to continue with this relationship even though the marriage happened due to certain unforeseen circumstances,” said sources.

Ajay, about the track said, “Vishnu has certain morals and he will live up to them. Therefore, now that he is married to Meethi he will stand by her.”

After Mukta-Vishnu, Meethi to confess her love in Uttaran!
It seems that the confession period is currently high on television dailies these days. As recently it was reported that Jagya (Shashank Vyas) of Balika Vadhu is ready to accept his love for Ganga and now latest one who realised the eternal notions of love is Meethi (Teena Dutta) of Colors’ Uttaran, where soon there will be a drama surrounded with her cracking love story to Akash (Mrunal Jain).

As per the ongoing track everyone is waiting for Akash to sign the divorce papers, so that Meethi could marry Vishnu (Ajay Chaudhary). The shadi drama will reach its climax when Akash signs on the divorce papers and gets ready to leave the Thakur household. But, other side a new drama cropped up wherein Vishnu and Mukta (Sreejita De) confessed their love for each other. “Meethi is still unaware of this development. Thus Mukta will decide on telling all about this to Meethi via a letter. Unfortunately, the letter will never reach Meethi as Nani (Pratima Kannan) will get hold of it, read the same and will throw away the piece of paper,” informed sources.

Meanwhile, Akash is ready to leave Meethi’s place. He will leave just before her wedding. However in the middle of the drama Meethi will realize that she is still in love with Akash. Hence she will go ahead and confess her love to him.

In fact sources also say that she will ask Akash to stay back in the house as she’d want her family to know that she loves him.

Gaurav Chopraa to turn love guru for Colors' Uttaran!
Fasten your seat belts all you daily-soap lovers because Colors’ is coming to enthrall you with a high-voltage drama Maha Tridev Sangam sequence, today. Yes, it will see a collaboration of three shows namely Sanskaar, Uttaran and Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha 2.

You must have already seen in promos that all the prominent characters from mentioned shows are teaming up to save Bhoomi (Shamim Mannan), who has been kidnapped. With lots of action sequence, some lovey-dovey sequences are also lined up there to enchant you.

For the same, Rathore (Gaurav Chopraa) of Uttaran will play a vital part. He will be seen giving lessons on love to Kishan (Jai Soni) and Akash (Mrunal Jain) and also come across as Shahrukh Khan of Mohabbatein who understands love and the passion, but hasn’t been lucky in love. “Yes, I will be more of a love guru who will make both Kishan and Akash understand the importance of love,” confirmed Gaurav.

According to the sources, audience will also see a fight sequence where Rathore will help both Akash and Kishan. “A few goons will come near Akash and start bashing him up when he will be seen buying a gift for Meethi (Tina Dutta).This is when Rathore will come on the scene and punch them away. Apart from that, Rathore will help Kishan locate Bhoomi who was kidnapped earlier,” Said sources.

Gaurav claimed, “It is a one and a half hour short film with a lot of drama and action. Hence, I am sure that the audience will be entertained.”

You can watch this action-love-drama today on Colors.

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