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Kavita Kaushik set to give tribute to Madhuri Dixit!
Kavita Kaushik set to give tribute to Madhuri Dixit!
The annual extravaganza to celebrate Diwali on SAB TV channel will witness some of the sizzling, powerful and surprising performances by actors from the shows of the channel. Telly favorite Kavita Kaushik, who is well-known for her valiant stints in SAB TV’s comedy show FIR, will perform on Madhuri Dixit's hit number Ghagra from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

And this performance is not going to be as simple as that but Kavita would be seen wearing a ghagra that is lit up with sparkling LED lights. Kavita, who feels proud to perform on the song of Madhuri, said that her act is a tribute to the dhak dhak girl.

An elated Kavita said, “I am in awe of how Madhuri Dixit dances with so much elegance and grace. My performance for SAB Ka Diwali Mela is my tribute to her as I dance to her popular song Ghagra. While I will be seen in a ghagra very similar to Madhuri's from the song, the LED lights add a delightful twist to my performance. I am sure the audiences will enjoy watching my entertaining dance act.”

The Dewali special SAB Ka Diwali Mela will air on 1 November on SAB TV.

Vipul Roy started shooting for F.I.R as inspector Bhola Pandit!
Television host-turned-actor Vipul Roy, who is assigned to play male lead in SAB TV’s sitcom show F.I.R, has kick-started shooting and says his has done some high-octane stunts for his entry episode. As seen in the last episodes Kavita Kaushik aka Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala is fighting against crime in Rawanpur, Vipul, who will play senior inspector Bhola Pandit will come to join Ms. Chautala and help her to solve miscellaneous cases.

According to the reports, Bhola Pandit will tackle a case of harassment, where a girl being harassed by some goons on his very first day in Rawanpur. “Refusing to be a mute witness, he will thrash the offenders and also console the sobbing girl. The police officer will also be seen urging the girl to fight back. But, Bhola's courageous act goes unnoticed as he gets slapped by Chandramukhi, who mistakes him to be the offender,” confirmed sources.

An elated Vipul, who loves doing action scene in the show, also affirmed the track. He said, “I am glad that my opening sequence has lots of action and is about a serious issue. Women should be empowered and not subjected to harassment.”

Don’t miss the action, entertainment and funny riots on FIR from Monday to Friday at 10.30pm on SAB TV.
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