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Jaipur lad Himanshu Soni to play lead role of Buddha!
Zee TV’s much anticipated show Buddha will have its royal launch in Sarnath today and will go on air from coming Sunday at 11pm. It is gathered that for the lead role, the makers are bringing a newcomer Himanshu Soni from Jaipur. The young aspiring actor, who has gone through his fair share of training, grooming sessions and has also attended a 10-day vipassana programme to get under the skin of the character, is elated about his debut.

Dr BK Modi, producer of the show and chairman of Spice Studio, said, “We auditioned scores of actors, both seasoned and newcomers, but Himanshu fit the character's description like a glove. Out of the 32 characteristics of Buddha, Himanshu met 28. His down-to-earth and likable personality was the key for the character's successful portrayal. We put him through training for martial arts, Tai Chi, dialogue delivery and acting to mould him into Prince Siddharth's character and he's come out polished, shining like a prince.”

An extremely excited Himanshu about his debut show on TV, expressed, “It is an honour to play a character as significant and important as Buddha. I have undergone rigorous training which made it easier for me to understand the body language and depth of the character and persona of Prince Siddharth as well as his journey to becoming Buddha.”

We wish you nail the art, Himanshu!
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