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'Mystery man' track kick-starts in Colors' Rangrasiya; Paro's life in danger exclusively reported about a brand new intriguing track kick starting in Saurabh Tewari’s Rangrasiya on Colors. We had specified that the channel and maker (Saurabh Tewari Films) are keen on getting in a big name as the main negative lead on the show. Popular names like Shaleen Malhotra, Kushal Tandon, Vishal Karwal and Kunal Karan Kapoor have been approached for the role.

And now we give you exclusive information about the mystery track. The life of Paro (Sanaya Irani), the protagonist will be in danger at the hands of a mystery man who would keep appearing in her life now and then.

Paro’s heart would skip a beat when in the coming episodes, an unknown guy would try to throw acid on her face at the market place.

Yes, you heard it right!! A huge build-up to the entry of the negative lead will kick-start in tonight’s episode.

A source states, “The mystery man will appear in the market place and will try to throw acid on Paro’s face.
Later, the man will enter Rudra’s (Ashish Sharma) house, to harm Paro. Rudra will be left completely clueless about the identity of this man. He would want to have a glimpse of this unknown enemy who will be trying his level best to harm his wife.”

Who is this mystery man? Why is he trying to harm Paro? Only time will tell.

As for the casting for the particular character, we hear that the creative team has not yet zeroed in on the big name. Things are likely to get finalized in a day or two.

We tried calling Producer Saurabh Tewari, but could not get through to him.

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Tequila Shots Productions’ Rangrasiya on Colors is about to witness the exit of Tarun Khanna aka Thakur Tejawat.

Our sources have informed that over time that actor has not been overtly happy with the progress of his character. In fact, though his dates have been blocked for the show, they have been mostly left unexploited, much to his creative dismay.

Hence, he has now decided to throw in the towel.

Though Tarun did not want to talk on the issue, producer Saurabh Tewari shared with, “Tarun is not quitting. His character is taking a break due to track changes.”

Does this mean he will get back in the future? “Yes,” said the maker.

Now what will happen to the show as per the plot?

A reliable source shares that in the upcoming episodes Rudra (Ashish Sharma) will manage to collect enough proof against Teja’s (Tarun) wrongdoings and put him behind bars. This will mark his character’s exit from the serial, as of now.

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