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Neil to betray Devyani AGAIN in Shastri Sisters

Amidst all the drama and misunderstanding between Anu (Ishita Ganguly) and Rajat (Vijayendra Kumeria), some more drama will keep the audience hooked on to their television screens in Colors’ popular show Shastri Sisters.

As per the ongoing track, during the Puja, Anu mistakenly put a CD into the player, which showed Devyani (Sonal Vengurlekar) kissing a young guy. And unknown to the rest of the family the young guy was Neil (Sumit Bhardwaj), Rajat’s younger brother.

Our source revealed, “Hurt with Devyani’s behaviour Shastri ji (Rajesh Jais) and Anu will ask her to reveal the guy’s identity but she will not be doing so. Rather she will be seen hiding the truth from
everyone and will promise to her sisters to reveal the guy’s name at the right time.”

Devyani, who will feel guilty about hurting her father, will in turn ask Neil to reveal the truth of their relationship. But Neil, who would be in a mood to seek revenge from Devyani for turning down his romantic proposals in the past, will be seen denying her request. And in turn he will betray Devyani and will pay no heed to her appeal, which will upset her.

This will be an interesting watch to know what will happen to Rajat and Anu’s relationship when
Neil’s true intention will be revealed and what will be Devyani’s next step.

We tried reaching actor Sumit Bhardwaj for a comment but he remained unavailable.

Neil to feel guilty for tricking Devyani in Shastri Sisters

When Rajat and Anushka of Colors' Shastri Sisters got mobbed by fans

Ishita Ganguly and Vijayendra Kumeria, the leads of Colors’ popular show Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilms) strike a great chemistry together, and their rising popularity was very evident recently when the on-screen Jodi got mobbed after they stepped out of a competition held at Starlight Dance Academy at Nehru Planetarium.

After attending the event, when Ishita and Vijayendra stepped out of the front entrance gate, they could not believe what they saw. They could hardly move an inch, as they were quickly surrounded by their fans who were very eager to click pictures with their favourite Jodi, Rajat and Anushka. 

We hear that the pair patiently answered the queries of their fans, posed for pictures with them. They were humble in accepting all the compliments, and could not stop smiling for nearly 10 minutes at shutterbugs.

When contacted, Ishita told us, “Yes, it was a very pleasant feeling, and we did not even realize that people love us so much. Everyone loves their Rajat and Anushka, and are looking forward to more of their chemistry as a couple on the show.”

The event which supported the cause initiated by 5 NGOs  - Akanksha Foundation, Teach for India, Salaam Bombay, Cancer Patient Aids Association, Muktaangan along with the police constabulary contingency was well-attended by celebrities. In addition to Ishita and Vijayendra, the event was also supported by stars like Boman Irani, Shreyas Talpade, Raveena Tandon, 
VJ Andy, Pratyusha Banerjee and Gautam Rode. Dipika Samson of Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka also performed with the NGO children. The event was judged by noted choreographer Ganesh Acharya. 
Three cheers to the Rajat and Anushka Jodi.     

Anu to prove her innocence in Colors' Shastri Sisters

Colors’ popular show Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilms) will witness a dramatic turnaround wherein Anushka (Ishita Ganguly) will be successful in proving her innocence before Rajat (Vijayendra Kumeria).

Yes, the efforts of Neil (Sumit Bharadwaj) in unmasking the real face of Karishma (Swati Kumar) will happen at the party organized.

Neil and Anu who have laid upon the proof of Karishma dressing up as Anu and placing the CD, will plan to play the video at the party so that the entire audience will be witness to Anu’s innocence. However, a twist in the tale will take place when Karishma will destroy the video placed in Neil’s hiding. 

While Karishma would think that she has won this battle, Neil will plan his own counter attack. In the performances organized for the party, Neil will start mimicking all members in the family. And as part of the finale act, everyone present will see the shocking scene of Karishma stealing the CD. This will leave all, including Rajat in guilt.

With Karishma’s real face being exposed, it will be a happy time for all the Shastri Sisters. Sareen (Girish Sahdev) will immediately announce that he will do the gruha pravesh of Anu and take her home. He will also advice a guilt-stricken Rajat to start a new life with Anu. 

However, their happiness will be cut short when Anu will remove her mangalsutra and pack her bag to go back home. She will tell all that she has proved her innocence, and since there is no faith and trust in their relationship, this marriage would not hold good. 

Will Rajat persuade Anu to change her decision?

When contacted, Ishita Ganguly told us, “Yes, Anu will prove her innocence. You need to watch the drama.”

Get ready for this high-voltage drama in the show.

Rajat-Anu wedding drama to reach its peak in Colors' Shastri Sisters

The wedding drama in Colors’ Shastri Sisters (Shakuntalam Telefilms) has taken ominous proportions with Rajat (Vijayendra Kumeria) getting all the more wild at Anushka (Ishita Ganguly), with Karishma (Swati Kumar) slitting her wrist.

Drama will extend further with viewers getting to know of Karishma deliberately planning just a small cut on her wrist in order to be safe.

However, when the doctor at the hospital will tell her this, Karishma and Aastha (Shraddha Jaiswal) would ask the doctor to fake to the family members about the injury on the wrist being very bad. Rajat would look very guilty on seeing the bandaged wrist of Karishma. The girl would fake tears in her eyes and will tell Rajat that she has always loved him. 

Meanwhile, Sareen (Gireesh Sahdev) and Neil (Sumit Bharadwaj) will welcome Anu home by doing her gruhapravesh. The Shastri family will then gear up for Anu’s bidaai, and will start packing her bag.

However, the twist in the tale will be the decision of Rajat that he will announce to the family. 

As per sources, Rajat who would be very upset after meeting Karishma at the hospital will tell all including Anu that he will not be able to live with Anu under one roof. This will leave Anu is a huge shock.

Will this mean that Anu will not be allowed to stay with Rajat?

We tried calling Vijayendra, but he did not get back to us. 
Watch the drama in Shastri Sisters.       

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