Kannada Devotional TV Show - Maharshi Vani (Latest Updates, Episodes, Tips)

 Latest Update:

  • Maharshi Vani completes seven years

About the show:
  • Popular devotional show, Maharshi Vani has completed seven years of its journey and has continued to impress viewers.
  • The show, which went on air in 2014, has crossed 2,000 episodes and is one of the popular shows on a leading Kannada general entertainment channel.
  • Amidst the current crisis, the show aims to keep people strong and positive through spiritual discourse. On the show, Guruji narrates traditional methods and customs which can make a person blissful and happy even in this modern world. He also gives health tips and helps people solve their personal problems.
  • Guruji’s aim is to spread knowledge. Maharshi Anand Guruji believes that God resides in all our hearts and the only way one can realize it is through spiritualism.
  • According to the channel, the show is watched by over 25 lakh people every day, which makes it one of the highly related television shows in the morning.
  • To celebrate the occasion, a special homa was held at Maharshi Anand Guruji Ashram on Thursday, which was attended by only a few due to the present situation.
Host & Cast:
  • Maharishi Vaani is a Kannada devotional television show. The show features well known astrologer Dr. Shri Maharshi Ananda Guruji who shares his knowledge, enlightens the audience and gives solutions to their problems.

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