Kannada TV Show - Karulina Koogu Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update


Latest Update:

  • Dubbed serial Karulina Koogu to go on air

About the show:
  • New dubbed serial, Karulina Koogu will premiere on a Kannada general entertainment channel.
  • Karulina Koogu is the dubbed version of popular Telugu serial Kumkuma Puvvu, which is already on air on the Telugu small screen.
Story of Karulina Koogu:
  • The story of Kumkuma Puvvu revolves around the illegitimacy of a child.
  • The main protagonist of the show is professor Jayanthi who is happily married with a daughter and a son, but has a shady past. Before marriage, she bore an illegitimate daughter but was not informed by her father that the baby was stillborn.
Star Cast & Crew of Karulina Koogu:
  • The show directed by Ashok B Rao
  • Haritha as Jayanthi: Raghuram's wife; Jayachandra's ex-love interest; Amrutha, Siri and Kiran's mother; Anjali and Jaanu's maternal grandmother
  • Princy B Krishnan as Amrutha: Rudhra and Arun's wife; Jayanthi and Jayachandra's illegitimate daughter; Raghuram's step-daughter; Anjali's mother; Siri and Kiran's half-sister
  • Jackie as Raghuram: Jayanthi's husband; Siri and Kiran's father; Amrutha's step-father; Jaanu's maternal grandfather; Anjali's step-grand father; Tripuramba's son-in-law
  • Nirupam Paritala as Sandeep: Siri's husband; Jaanu's father; Amrutha's foster brother
  • Vishnu Priya / Sandra Jaichandran as Siri: Sandeep's wife; Jaanu's mother; Jayanthi and Raghuram's daughter; Kiran's sister; Amrutha's half-sister
  • Madhu Prakash / Unknown as Rudhra: Tripuramba's son; Amrutha's husband; Anjali's father
  • Nirmala Reddy as Tripuramba aka Peddarayudamma: Rudhra's mother; Raghuram's aunt; Anjali's paternal grandmother
  • Venu Gopal as Arun: Amrutha's second husband; Anjali's step-father; Umadevi's son; Kaveri's brother
  • Anusha Santosh as Renuka: Kiran's wife; Anjali's former adoptive mother
  • Baby Tanishka as Anjali: Amrutha and Rudhra's daughter; Arun's step-daughter; Renuka and Kiran's former foster daughter
  • Baby Aaradhya Arukula as Jaanu: Sandeep and Siri's daughter
  • Suresh Chandra as Kiran: Renuka's husband; Anjali's former adoptive father; Jayanthi and Raghuram's son; Amrutha's half-brother; Siri's brother
  • Padmini Jagadeesh as Umadevi: Arun and Kaveri's mother


  • Malayalam - Kumkumapoovu
  • Tamil - Aval
  • Kannada - Amma
  • Marathi - Lek Mazi Ladaki
List of Dubbed Shows:
  • Karulina Koogu will also join the growing list of dubbed shows like Radha Krishna, Mahanayaka B R Ambedkar, Mahabharatha, Trinayani, Nagabhairavi and Subhash Chandra Bose, that are already on air. Dubbed shows, which began to flood the Kannada small screen during the first lockdown, continue to make their presence felt.
  • Dubbed shows like Mahanyaka Dr B Ambedkar and Mahabharatha continue to impress viewers. 


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