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 Latest Update:

  • Rekha Krishnappa joins 'Thirumagal'; Rekha Krishnappa, popularly known as Anniyar, is all set to entertain the audience with her appearance in the show ‘Thirumagal’. Actress Rekha and the channel airing the show have confirmed the same on their official media handles.
About the sow:
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  • Thirumagal [Trans.``The wealth's daughter``, Tamil: திருமகள்] is an 2020 Tamil-language drama airing on Sun TV which premiered on 12 October 2020.
  • The show stars Harika Sadu Surendar Shanmugam and Rekha Krishnappa
  • Special Episode From February 25th January to 31st January 2021 it had a Mahasangam with Chithi 2
Story, Plot:
  • The show revolves around the story of Anjali, belonging to a middle class family, who really belongs to a rich family. The show first revolves around the rivalry between Anjali and Aishwarya Parameshwaran, both of them unaware that they are related to each other.
  • In the meanwhile, Raja Aishwarya's son falls in love with Anjali and marries her. Aishwarya doesn't like this, but however due to Raja's request Aishwarya allows Anjali in and accepts her as her daughter-in-law. Slowly Anjali starts finding the truth. Will Anjali find that Aishwarya is her original mother and Raja is Bhavani's son ?
Star Cast:

  • Harika Sadu
    as (Anjali Raja),
  • Surender Shanmugam (as Raja Chandrasekhar),
  • Jiva Ravi (as Parameshwaran),
  • Actress Niveditha Pankaj has joined the cast of the popular show Thirumagal. Niveditha replaced actress Sushma Nair. She was playing Pragathi Manikandan's character in the show.
  • Shamitha Shreekumar (as Aishwarya Parameshwaran), Rekha Krishnappa will replace Shamitha Shreekumar, who played the role of Aishwarya Parameshwaran in the show, until recently. The episodes featuring Rekha as Aishwarya will go on air from June 21 (Monday).
  • Rajendran (as Chandrasekhar), Rekha Suresh (as Bhavani Chandrasekhar), Prakash Rajan (as Kesavan), Janaki Devi (as Gowri Kesavan), Rithika Tamilselvi (as Magathi Kesavan), Kovai Babu (as Manikandan), Meenakshi (as Suloksana Manikandan), Venkat Subha (as Jameen Sathyamurthy Ayya), Revathy Sankar (as Rajalakshmi Sathyamurthy Jameen Amma) and others.
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