Indrani Halder and Tota Roychoudhury starrer to finally feature the much-awaited reunion

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  • Indrani Halder and Tota Roychoudhury starrer to finally feature the much-awaited reunion:
    While there is no denial that Bengali audience enjoys June Guha’s (played by Ushasie Chakraborty) presence and her frequent face-off with Sreemoyee, they are eagerly waiting for Rohit (Tota Roychoudhury) and Sreemoyee’s (Indrani Halder) reunion as well. Telly viewers patiently waited for the sequence of Sreemoyee finally confessing her love for her college senior Rohit. Writer Leena Ganguly was flooded with the request of showing Rohit-Sreemoyee getting married in the story. Leena shared that she keeps receiving requests from the viewers who ‘urged’ her not to show Sreemoyee going back to her estranged husband.
  • Sreemoyee promises to take care of ailing Rohit - Rohit is critically unwell. Though he keeps it under the wrap, Sreemoyee finds out the medical reports and feels worried. She goes back home and speaks with her son and daughter-in-law. Now that Sreemoyee’s children are busy in their lives, she wants to follow her heart and go abroad with Rohit. Dinka doesn’t agree with her. He feels Sreemoyee is making this decision out of emotion and logically it is not possible.
  • Rohit pays a visit to Sreemoyee's family - Dithi and Chotu share some romantic moments. They discuss their future. Dithi encourages him to study hard and get a job.
  • Dithi pays a visit to Madhabpur. Boudi and Bulbuli inform her about Chotu’s gloominess. They ask Dithi to have a word with her. Boudi deliberately talks about Chotu’s wedding. To make Dithi jealous, Mandira wonders why she is speaking about Sonali. Mandira shares her discontent about Sonali and Chotu’s wedding. She wants Dithi as her daughter-in-law.
  • Sreemoyee, Dithi is shocked to learn the truth. She regrets not having faith in Chotu and suspecting him for her mom’s abduction. After seeing the evidence that proves June's direct link to Sreemoyee’s abduction, Dithi apologises to Chotu. She breaks down into tears.
  • Dinka and Arna try to comfort Sreemoyee. The latter is still under trauma and tries to figure out why Chotu helped her reach home safely. While she believes, there is more to the story, Dinka thinks, Chotu wanted to harm Sreemoyee but released her before getting caught by the police.
  • Dithi reaches Madhabpur. She makes some serious allegations against Chotu.
  • Bibek decides to take advantage of Chotu’s vulnerability and satisfy his other clients (June and Kia) for the second time with a double game.
  • Dithi and Boudi have a telephonic conversation. Dithi’s suspicion on Chotu affects their relationship.
  • Anindya, Dinka strongly feel, Chotu abducted Sreemoyee.
  • Sreemoyee, Chotu gets detained after Sreemoyee’s family lodges a complaint against him. Chotu’s family shares they have no issue if she runs the clinic in the village, Boudi and Chotu’s dad don’t want to work at the clinic anymore.

  • Sreemoyee missing: Upal, Dinka, Anindya and all others are worried. Starts having doubts over Chotu is responsible for Sreemoyee’s sudden disappearance.
  • June hatches a new plan to harm Sreemoyee: Sreemoyee, June intends to abduct her and also thinks about kil*ing her. June seeks support from Kia. June continuously provokes Kia against Sreemoyee and tries to prove that her former mother-in-law is the sole reason for her misery.
  • Completed 2 years of its journey. The first episode was aired on June 10, 2019 and has had quite a successful run ever since. Dinka wants to go abroad for their honeymoon. The soon-to-be-married couple talks about their wedding and life too. Dithi joins them. Arna asks her about future. She asks Dithi about her practice. The latter talks about her job and the clinic at Madhabpur.
  • Sreemoyee, Anindya confronts June and asks why she went to Jadavpur. She admits going to the place but she cooks up another story as the reason behind her sudden visit.
  • June manipulates Kia to revolt against Sreemoyee and Dinka. Ask for her rights and make sure that Dinka doesn’t get married so easily.
  • Sreemoyee, Dithi feels insulted by the way Chotu treated her. He not only misbehaved with her but also asked Dithi not to spend the night at their household. Chotu misinterprets Dithi’s decision to run a clinic for the poor villagers where she not only treats them but also bears the costs of the medicines if the patients are unable to bear it.
  • June released from jail; Sreemoyee brings June to home, Dinka gets a shock and no happy. Anindya and Ankita discuss Dinka and Arna’s future life. They wait for Sreemoyee who is out of home. when he notices June at Anandaniketan.
  • Sengupta family eager to meet Dinka: Sreemoyee starts with Dinka’s telephonic conversation with Arna. Two years have passed and Dinka, who went to Mumbai to pursue his music career, is coming back home. Dinka is at airport and eager to meet his family and Arna. They talk about Sreemoyee’s dedication towards work and how much she has achieved. Arna thinks Dithi isn’t interested about Chotu who is serving his time in jail. Dinka, however thinks, Dithi still dreams about a life with Chotu.
  • Chotu sentenced to jail - Sarbajit’s dad Prosenjit makes some serious allegations against Dithi and her mom. Rohit loses his temper and asks him to consider the consequences of the crime committed by Sarbajit. An angry Prosenjit makes some ill comments about Sreemoyee. Rohit readily objects to this.
  • The recent track revolving around Chotu and Dithi left a section of viewers ‘disappointed’. They wanted to see more of Sreemoyee and June. In a recent media interaction, writer Leena Ganguly and actress Indrani Halder (playing the titular role) claimed that the story gives equal emphasis on protagonist Sreemoyee and her life. Although the current track couldn’t show its magic on the TRP charts.
  • Chotu is cross questioned by the opposing counsel. He accepts working for Majid Chacha who asked him to transport some packages. Chotu, who works as a driver, agreed to do the same since he needed money to meet the ends. The lawyer grills him and asks whether he knew what’s inside the packages. Chotu claims he never asked what was inside those packages and only followed the orders. This shocks Chotu as well as his family members who are present in the court.
  • June aunty is back! The notorious vamp, who took away protagonist Sreemoyee’s peace, dragged her into the mud with baseless allegations and wreaked havoc in her life is back to spice up the storyline, the makers are bring June back. Actress Ushasie Chakraborty is excited about the new track. She will be seen making an entry into Anandaniketan.
  • Dithi Case: Dithi arranged a home for Chotu’s family. Chotu’s dad urges Dithi to go back home.
  • Dithi declares she will help Chotu and his family in every possible way. She also intends to attend the hearing at the court. Sreemoyee initially tries to convince Dithi to drop the idea but fails. Dinka too tries to talk to her but Dithi is determined to help Chotu. An angry Sreemoyee schools.
  • Chotu’s family gets humiliated at Anandaniketan - Chotu’s parents and boudi arrive at Dithi’s place seeking help. Dithi’s family isn’t happy at all. Patralekha leaves no stone unturned to humiliate them. Chotu’s parents feel embarrassed and say their son is not a bad guy. When they urge Dithi to reveal what she thinks about their son’s innocence, Sreemoyee gets angry.
  • Human trafficking racket - Dithi finally meets her parents, Chotu asks Dithi to get ready. He will take Dithi to the middleman who is a part of the human trafficking racket.
About the show:
  • Sreemoyee is an Indian Bengali serial airing on Star Jalsha and is also available on the digital platform Hotstar.
  • It is produced by Magic Moments Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd of Saibal Banerjee and Leena Gangopadhyay, which premiered on 10 June 2019.
  • Bengali television serial ‘Sreemoyee’, which has been remade in six other languages.
Major Incidents, Events:
  • Sreemoyee-Anindya’s divorce.
  • His sudden weakness for ex-wife
  • Rohit Sen’s entry
  • Patralekha revolting against her beloved June to the latter being sent to jail and then back.
Star Cast:
  • Indrani Halder - Sreemoyee Sengupta (Main Female Protagonist)
  • Sudip Mukherjee - Anindya Sengupta (Parallel Lead)
  • Ushasie Chakraborty - June Guha (Main Antagonist)
  • Saptarshi Maulik - Pratyush Sengupta (Supporting Male Protagonist)
  • Tota Roy Chowdhury - Rohit Sen (Parallel Male Lead)
Story, Plot:
  • As a doting, caring mother, wife and daughter in law, Sreemoyee, a middle-aged housewife, takes care of her family without any expectations.
  • However, on knowing that her husband Anindya cheated her, having an affair with his colleague June, initially she becomes heart broken but soon she realises and sets out to create a new identity for herself while June starts creating troubles for her.
  • She divorces with Anindya while he marries June. She also gets support from her college love Rohit Sen. The story follows how she tackles the problems caused by June and becomes a successful business women in ethnic fabric and handicrafts.
  • Sreemoyee’s story will feature a time leap as well. Following the leap in time, Dinka will be seen as an established singer, wanting to start a fresh life with Arna. Dithi will be shown as a doctor and awaiting Chotu’s release. Anindya will be more concerned about his family.
  • Sreemoyee wants to live life to the fullest, lets see how he starts a new with Rohit just like how most of the viewers want. In fact, Leena keeps getting letters from the audience who want Sreemoyee to marry Rohit.
  • It will be interesting to see whether the latest twist of time leap helps the show score well on the TRP charts.

Daily soap Sreemoyee’s journey has been quite successful since its launch. It enjoys a good viewership and has been remade in six different languages so far.
  • Kannada - Inthi Nimma Asha
  • Marathi - Aai Kuthe Kay Karte
  • Malayalam - Kudumbavilakku
  • Telugu - Intinti Gruhalakshmi
  • Hindi - Anupamaa
  • Tamil - Baakiyalakshmi
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