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 Latest Update:

  • Today Episode:
  • Anirudh unhappy with Sumitha's decision to marry Rohit, The popular show 'Kudumbavilakku' is gaining attention with its engaging storyline. The show which is progressing with one of the much-awaited twists, Sumithra's second marriage, has got some more surprises for the fans.
  • In the recent episode, Achachan is seen having a conversation with Sumithra. He says it was a miss from his side about asking the kids before making a decision. Amma says if Sumithra plans to marry Rohit, she might lose a kid. Achachan says he thought Anirudh and others might support Sumithra. Later, Achachan calls all the three kids, Anirudh, Sheethal, and Pratheesh to discuss the same. He apologized to them for not discussing with them before planning Sumithra's wedding. He asks Anirudh why he is not happy with Sumithra's decision to marry Rohit. Meanwhile, Pratheesh informs Achachan that Sidharth has filed for divorce from Vedhika, and wishes to remarry Sumithra. Both Sumithra and Achamma, who are overhearing the conversation, get surprised with Sidharth's decision.
  • Later, Anirudh says he wishes to see both Sidharth and Sumithra remarry. He fears Sidharth's dream will not be fulfilled if Rohit enters the family. When Achachan asks his perspective on the same, Pratheesh assures to always support her. Sheethal also agrees with Pratheesh's opinion.
  • 'Kudumbavilakku' is one of the top-rated shows on Malayalam TV. The show has Meera Vasudev, KK Menon, Dr. Shaju, Noobin, Aswathy Ash, Saranya Anand, and others playing the lead roles. 
  • Meera Vasudev - KK Menon starrer, 'Kudumbavilakku' continues to be the most-watched serial on Malayalam TV. The show currently progresses with Sidharth's realisations regarding Vedhika's wicked plans against him. Besides Meera and KK Menon, the show has Athira, Dr Shaju, Saranya Anand, and Noobin playing meaty roles.
  • Currently, the show progresses with Sidharth facing criticism from his family for the wedding. On the other hand, Sumithra is transforming into an independent woman.
  • Kudumbavilakku is back to the numero uno spot on TRP charts, Santhwanam slips to the second position
About the show:
  • Kudumbavilakku (2020 TV series) (transl. Family Lantern) is an Indian Malayalam-language television soap opera drama.
  • The show premiered on Asianet channel and streaming on Disney+Hotstar since 27 January 2020 on Monday to Thursday at 7:00pm.
  • Meera Vasudevan portrays the lead role in the series, returning to television after thirteen years
  • A woman does not get a moment of rest while doing all the household chores on top of being a dutiful wife, daughter-in-law and mother. Yet, she is never acknowledged or appreciated for her work
Star Cast:
  • Meera Vasudevan as Sumithra,
  • Krishnakumar Menon as Sidharth Menon a.k.a. Siddhu
  • Sreejith Vijay → Anand Narayanan as Dr. Anirudh Menon
  • Akshaya R. Nair → Athira Madhav as Dr. Ananya Anirudh Menon
  • Giriprasad Damodar → Noobin Johny as Pratheesh Menon
  • Parvathi Vijay → Amritha Nair as Sheethal Menon
  • F. J. Tharakan as Shivadas Menon
  • Devi Menon as Saraswathi Menon
  • Manju Vijeesh as Mallika
  • Sumesh Surendran as Sreekumar
  • Sindhu Varma → Manju Satheesh as Sharanya Menon
  • Shwetha Venkat → Ameya Nair → Saranya Anand as Vedika Sidharth nee Sampath
  • Dr. Shaju Sam as Rohit Gopal
  • Gouri P. Krishnan as Pooja Rohit 

Versions in other languages:
  • Bengali - Sreemoyee
  • Kannada - Inthi Nimma Asha
  • Marathi - Aai Kuthe Kay Karte!
  • Malayalam - Kudumbavilakku
  • Telugu - Intinti Gruhalakshmi
  • Hindi - Anupamaa
  • Tamil - Baakiyalakshmi
TRP, Reviews:
  • Kudumbavilakku has regained the first position on the TRP charts. The show which was in the top position for months lost it to 'Sanhwanam' in the last weeks. 'Kudumbavilakku' recently staged the much-discussed wedding of Sidharth and Vedhika, after some engaging suspense-filled episodes, which seems to have attracted the audience.
  • According to BARC ratings, Kudumbavilakku has managed to top the Malayalam TV show's TRP chart from shortly after its start through early January 2020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation, Kudumbavilakku and all other serials were stopped from 6th April 2020. Months later, TV Serial shooting was permitted on India. From June 2020 , the series tops the rating charts with incredible TRP rating surpassing all the TV series in Kerala.
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