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 Latest Update:

  • Show is ended with a poitive note of Rocky Ties the Knot with Preethi (Season 1 last Episode 150 on 16th July 2021)
  • Baba gets arrested for an uncommitted crime. Baba apologises to Subhadra and reveals his past. After resolving the dispute, Rocky and Preethi get married in the presence of their family members. Preethi is suspended for helping him and Arjun Prasad and his family get stunned when they learn about Preethi's suspension, Rocky comes in support of Preethi as Arjun Prasad ill-treats her.
  • Earlier, Prajuval challenges Avanthika to stop Pranavi and Rocky's wedding. Preethi and Rocky visit Baba at his request, Arjun Prasad and Krishna discuss Pranavi's wedding. Subhadra gets stunned as she spots Preethi with Rocky.
About the show, Story:
  • Neevalle Neevalle is a Telugu TV serial telecatsed of Star Maa.
  • The story of Neevalle Neevalle revolves around two siblings who are quite opposite to each other. One of them grows up to be an IPS officer while the other goes on the become a local goon.
  • The daughter who later becomes an IPS officer is raised by a single educated mother, Subhadra while her son, Rohan finds his company with a notorious henchman Narasimha. They both are raised in contrary circumstances.
  • The interesting part of the story comes when both of them meet each other.
  • The main lead role of Subhadra is played by Haritha Thota while another lead role features Maahi Gouthami who plays the role of IPS officer in the show.
  • The show was premiered on 21st December 2020 at 10:00 PM time slot on Star Maa. Online viewers can watch the show on Disney + Hotstar.
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Neevalle Neevalle Cast

Maahi Gouthami, Haritha Thota

Neevalle Neevalle Serial Start Date
21 December 2020

Neevalle Neevalle Telecast Time
Monday to Friday at 10 PM

Neevalle Neevalle is a Telugu serial from Star Ma a. This is about two children who are grown up in opposite backgrounds. The serial belongs to the drama genre. The makers are back with another exciting serial. Let’s Check Out the Neevalle Neevalle Start Date, Cast Name, Schedule, Wiki etc. Neevalle Neevalle start date is 21 December 2020. It will be available (Star Maa) channel and Hotstar to watch online. The plot revolves around a young girl and boy. The girl is passionate about studies and wants to be a police officer. The boy joins a local goon and becomes a criminal. As they cross paths, they will realize the truth and the family bond.

The major stars have given their best performances and look brilliant on screen. Neevalle Neevalle cast includes Maahi Gouthami. The telecast time is Monday to Friday at 10 PM.
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