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Latest Update:

  • Today Episode

  • Romance blooms between DK and Jyothi,
    It's romance time in 'Mrs Hitler'. After the fights and dislikes, it looks like DK and Jyothi are slowly falling for each other. In the recent episode of the show, DK and Jyothi are seen enjoying some romantic time. During the conversation, Jyothi says the girls are pulling her leg saying that they might soon have a kid. Hearing this, DK hugs Jyothi and adds that change is inevitable in nature and that maybe it is time for them to have a baby. Jyothi, shocked by DK's romantic side, blushes.
  • Meanwhile, Padmavathy enters the room and apologizes for interrupting their romantic time. She notices traces of Jyothis sindoor on DK's forehead and she starts teasing the duo. Embarrassed by his mother's response, DK asks the reason why she has come to them so soon.
  • Padmavathy informs them that she is going to meet Swamiji. DK enquires about the reason for the sudden decision and his mother says that it is time to see the good time for their Shanthi Muhoortham (First Night). Hearing this, both DK and Jyothi start blushing.

  • Siva ties the knot with Amala; Hiranmayi threatens DK,
    Arun Raghav and Meghna Vincent starrer 'Mrs Hitler' is one of the much-loved shows on Malayalam TV. The family drama recently grabbed eyeballs with the suspense-filled wedding of Siva and Hiranmayi. In the recent episode, DK and Jyothi enter the wedding venue of Amala and MP Vigneshwar Moorthy. In a private conversation with the duo, Amala confesses her love for Siva, and DK was convinced by the same. DK promises Amala that he will make sure she ties the knot with Siva. Meanwhile, Hiranmayi enters the scene and she panics seeing DK and Jyothi with her daughter. After a hearted conversation with Hiranmayi, DK and Jyothi take Amala out of the wedding venue.
  • At Amaravathi, Siva ties the knot with his long-term girlfriend Amala in the presence of his family. Surprisingly, Hiranmayi reaches Amaravathi and threatens everyone. She warns DK that he has to pay for taking the revenge of MP Vigneshwar Moorthy. Replying to the same, DK said he is ready to face anything. Later, when Siva and Amala tend to touch her feet for blessings, Hiranmayi said the latter is not her daughter anymore. Offended by her mother's words, Amala says even she will not forgive her for hurting Siva and his family.

  • Mrs Hitler preview: DK to tie the knot with Sithara?

  • The new teaser of Mrs Hitler is sure to give a shocker to fans. As per the teaser, the main protagonist DK will soon get hitched to Sithara, the bride that his daughter-in-law has found for him.
  • In the video, DK and Sithara are spotted twinning in yellow and the family members are pampering them. On the other hand, Jyothi is seen as a part of the ceremony but she is trying her best to hide from DK and his family. However, Jyothi's presence in the Haldi ceremony drops enough hints about some unexpected twists in the storyline.
  • Soon after the video surfaced online, fans were seen curious about the new plot in the show.
  • As per the updates, after the Haldi sequence, the show will have a gala wedding ceremony, in which Mollywood actress Anusree is expected to play a cameo.
About the show, Story:

  • The show 'Mrs. Hitler', portrays the story of a bubbly, carefree girl Jyothi, and DK - a tough, disciplined, and stubborn man.
  • How their paths cross and they will get along in spite of their contradicting personalities forms the crux of the show. Actors Shanavas Shanu and Meghana Vincent play DK and Jyothi respectively. The show also marked Meghana's acting comeback after four years.
  • As per the storyline, DK is planning to get married to Sithara, who is the cousin of Thara. However, DK is least interested in the marriage but he is committed to fulfilling the wish of his deceased wife Supriya.
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