S P Charan, son of S P Balasubrahmanyam, as a special mentor.

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  • The popular music show Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu, which was judged and hosted by the late legendary playback singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, is returning after five years.
  • This time around, the show will now have three musicians - Raghu Dixit, V Harikrishna and Rajesh Krishnan – on the judging panel. And Ankita Amar is hosting Edhe Tumbi Haaduvenu. and The show also has S P Charan, son of S P Balasubrahmanyam, as a special mentor.
  • Hamsalekha to judge Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu (Not Sure why this Rumors came earlier)
  • Final Selected Contestants, Participants.
About the show:
  • Popular singing reality show Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu, which was last aired on television in the year 2016, is back again with a new season in 2021.
  • The show has been a platform for many kids to exhibit their singing prowess. Amulya, Pallavi, Sunidhi G, Hamsini, Shreyas B Rao and Rachita Ramesh are some of the kids who shot to fame by participating in the show.
  • Winners will get a trophy and a cash prize of Rs 50,000 This year, the cash prize is likely to be increased.
  • Kannada actress Ankita Amar is quite a talented individual. Besides being one of the most sought-after faces of Kannada television, Ankita, now, has another feather on her hat. The actress has turned host singing reality show 'Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu'. This is Ankita's first outing as a host
  • "I am very passionate about dance and music. They play an important role in my life and do help me in terms of acting. While dance has always had an influence in terms of expressing emotions in front of the camera, music has helped me set the pace during delivering dialogues. This has actually helped me groom my acting sskil."
  • Raghu Dixit, Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu is a cult show because of the late SP Balasubrahmanyam. I decided to be a part of the show as it is not only entertaining, but informative as well. SPB used to run the show single-handedly, from hosting and judging to mentoring the contestants. “When I was a child, SPB's song played as soon as we turned on the radio. I have been a fan of his voice since then. When Parameshwar told me that I should be judge on such a great singer's show I accepted it gladly,”
  • V Harikrishna, Though, SPB is no more, the show will continue under his guiding light. Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu is not just a show; it’s an emotion for the people of Karnataka. I am looking forward to an exciting show which is hugely popular because of the impact created by SPB. Two great mythological serials - Ramayana and the Mahabharata - had struck a chord with viewers. In the same way, Edhe Thumbi Haaduvenu also became popular among people. The onus is on us, as judges, now to carry forward his legacy,”
  • Music director Hamsalekha will be the judge of the show. (Not Sure)
  • Legendary playback singer S P Balasubrahmanyam, who passed away last year, was earlier judging the show.
  • Rajesh Krishnan as another judge of the show, It is a privilege to be part of Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu which struck a chord with viewers because of SPB’s simplicity and the way he used to speak to contestants, motivating them to fine-tune their singing prowess.

  • On the show, we are trying to pass on knowledge about what we learnt from SPB to the current singers. When I was singing a track for Hamsalekha I was looking closely at SPB, so that I could learn something,”
  • Earlier Seasons 1- S P Balasubramanyam, P Susheela, Season 2 - S P Balasubramanyam, Srinath, Seasom 3 -
    S P Balasubramanyam, H. R. Bhargava
SP Balasubrahmanyam's last letter to team Edhe Thumbi Haduvenu:
  • “Dear Friends, I am extremely sorry for keeping you waiting for long. Let me not explain the reasons, they are truly personal, and no way concerned with any of our discussions or discrepancies in opinion for participating in YTH (Edhe Thumbi Haduvenu). It is only due to my personal and family commitments. Keeping all these things in view, I will be comfortable doing this series only in 2019. I feel sorry once again if I inconvenienced you, Sincerely SP Balasubrahmanyam,”
  • Despite clarifying that he cannot be the part of Edhe Thumbi Haduvenu on a telephonic conversation with Colors Kannada, SPB personally wrote this to the whole team which itself explains his emotional attachment with the Edhe Thumbi Haduvenu. Colors Kannada planned for relaunching Edhe Thumbi Haduvenu in 2019 but it was not possible. However, the same show which was planned to be launched in 2020 could not start due to Covid-19 pandemic which claimed our most loved singer SPB. The team never wanted to stop the show which itself was the dream of SP Balasubrahmanyam, thus his son S P Charan will be part of the show. In the meanwhile, since the whole show itself is being dedicated to SP Balasubrahmanyam, he will be emotionally part of the show.
Competition, TRP:
  • Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu now joins the list of many singing reality shows that are on air on Kannada television. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is another weekend singing reality show which is popular among audiences and has given offers for many budding singers.
Winners all Seasons of Ede Thumbi Haaduvenu:
  • Season 1 winner - Deeksha Ramakrishna
  • Season 2 winner - Deeksha Ramakrishna (2nd time winner), Amulya M
  • Season 3 winner - Rachitha Rajesh
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