Sukrutha Nag bags a pivotal role in new show Lakshana

 Latest Update:

  • Jagan to play Bhupathi and Sukrutha Nag bags a pivotal role in new show Lakshana
About the show:

  • Actor Jagan, who is producing the new serial Lakshana, will be seen in a predominant role in the serial Lakshana, which marks his comeback to the small screen. Lakshana is all set to go on air tomorrow at 9.30 pm.
  • Jagan had earlier refused to talk about his role in the serial as he wanted to keep it as a surprise element for viewers. The promo has now revealed his character in the serial – that of a rich guy called Bhupathi who loves cooking. The story revolves around a girl who faces a lot of discrimination in her mission to become a news anchor, owing to her complexion.
  • Jagan had told us, “This is the second TV show that I am producing after Raksha Bandhana. I tend to get involved in my projects as a creative producer to ensure the story continues to be something that the audience is hooked to. As an actor, my job is to focus on just my role. Here, it is a bigger challenge to be in charge of an entire tea
Star Cast:

  • Actor Jagan
  • Vijayalakshmi, who hails from Kolar, will be seen as Lakshana in the serial.
  • Actress Sukrutha Nag, who was last seen as 'Anjali' in the show 'Agnisakshi' where she won millions hearts is now back on Kannada television. The actress has bagged a pivotal role in the new show 'Lakshana'. She portrays the character of 'Swetha' in the show, who belongs to a very rich family. Swetha is a girl who believes that the skin complexion of a girl is very important more than anything in life. She does not tolerate the sight of a dusky skin girl. The actress revealed that she faced the camera first as a child artist in mega-serial Kadambari. Sukrutha had earlier been a part of twenty-five shows in her career so far. Although it has nearly been a decade since Sukratha has been in the entertainment industry, The actress has also been a part of the dance reality show 'Dancing Star' as a celebrity contestant. She was fondly known as the 'Dental Queen' by host Akul Balaji when Dancing stars was on the run.
  • Directed by Shivaram Magadi and Actor Jagan who is producing the new serial Lakshana.
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