Tamil TV Show - Namma Veettu Ponnu Latest Updates, New Star Cast, New Future Story, Today Episode Written Update

 Latest Updates:

  • Namma Veettu Ponnu, a new family drama, is all set to premiere on August 16. The show will be aired in the afternoon slot.
  • The ensemble of the cast includes Surjith Kumar (as Karthik), Ashwini Aanandita (as Meenakshi), Ravi (as Velayutham), Nithya (as Visalakshi), Priyadharshini (as Selvi), Vaishali Thaniga (as Malar), Arunima Sudhakar (as Anu), Shabnam (as Vadivu) and many others.
About the show:
  • Namma Veettu Ponnu will be a family drama filled with loads of fun and emotions.
  • According to the story, Surjith Kumar meets Ashwini Aanandita at a family event. He takes a dig at Ashwini for her playful attitude, which infuriates her. But, the guests admire their and plan to get them married. The consequences of their wedding form the crux of the story.
  • Premiere on August 16. The show will be aired in the afternoon slot. 


  • Namma Veettu Ponnu's story revolves around characters Karthik and Meenakshi. Karthik is a responsible guy who is born and brought up in a joint-family atmosphere. He values family bondings and emotions to the core.
  • On the other hand, Meenakshi is a quite contrasting personality to that of Karthik. As she is brought up as a single child, she is quite stubborn and adamant in nature, who is short tempered too.
  • In an unexpected turn of events, both Karthik and Meenakshi meet together at a family function. Their first meeting happens with a fight. But, the family members admire their combination and begin to make plans to fix their marriage.
  • Following this, whether they become a couple and what happens in their lives form the major crux of the show.
Star Cast:
  • Surjith Kumar is all set to entertain the audience with his upcoming show ‘Namma Veettu Ponnu’. Surjith Kumar will be portraying the role of Karthik in the show.
    Surjith is one of the highly educated Tamil TV celebs with an under graduate degree in Engineering and MBA. He worked as a HR before taking a plunge into modeling and acting. He was last seen in the TV show Uyire.
  • Ashwini Aanandita, Arunima Sudhakar, Amrutha, Nithiyaa Ravindhar, Vaishali Thaniga, Santhiya Vj, Shabnam and others.
  • Popular director Praveen Bennett is directing the show.
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