Kannada supernatural fiction is all set to witness a shocking twist in the storyline


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  • Kannada supernatural fiction is all set to witness a shocking twist in the storyline. While Naagini 2 has got the viewers hooked to the TV screens with its interesting narration, the upcoming episode is likely to witness a shocking twist in the daily soap. Although the makers have not revealed anything about the upcoming twist, it was the lead actress Namratha Gowda who spilled the beans about the same. Namratha took to her social media handle to share a BTS video from the sets of Naagini 2. In this video, the actress is seen tied to harness, which gives a hint that the upcoming episodes are going to be one power-packed one.
  • Actor Jayaram Karthik, popularly known as JK, returned to television with the supernatural fantasy soap opera Naagini 2 as Adishesha who is in love with Shivani, but is ******ed to get possession of Naagmani. The actor rules out any chance of returning to television with Naagini 2. He says, “My character is Kiled in the initial episodes, so there is no chance of featuring in Naagini 2 again. Though, my role is seen in flashback scenes and Adishesha is used to take the story forward, I will not be seen again in the serial.” Naagini 2 was the second serial in Jayaram Karthik’s career after Ashwini Nakshatra which fetched him accolades from viewers. Recently, the actor shot for the movie Talwar, which sees him in the role of a don. The movie has Dharma Kirthiraj in the lead role. In an interview with us, he had said, “This was my first outing on a set since lockdown relaxations came in. My character will be seen in the opening scene of the movie. I have shot high-octane action sequences.” The actor’s next release is likely to be Iravan, which is in its final stage.
  • Supernatural thriller Naagini 2 is back in the numero uno spot. The daily soap had slipped to the second spot in the previous week. Naagini 2 has actress Namratha Gowda as the female protagonist. Actor Mohan, who quit the show during the lockdown, has returned to the sets. He is seen playing the character 'Dighvijay' in the supernatural drama. 
  • Supernatural fiction Naagini 2 is in the fourth position. To continue shooting, the team recently flew to Hyderabad due to the lockdown restrictions in the state. Makers suggest that the show is gearing up for some interesting twists in the storyline.

About the show:

  • Naagini 2 (transl. Female serpent 2) is a 2020 Indian Kannada-language supernatural television series produced for Zee Kannada.
  • It premiered on February 17th, 2020, and is digitally available on ZEE5. The series is gaining more viewership in the TRP charts as most watched television series.
  • The series is a sequel to Naagini and loosely based on Naaginn.
Story, Plot:
  • Shivani, a shape-shifting serpent, enters Earth to take revenge on the people who ****ed her husband, Adi Shesha, and to find Nagamani. She learns from Nagamatha that Adishesha had reborn again on Earth, and will help to find Nagamani. Shivani finds out the Adishesha is between Trishool and Trivikram, who were in the same house where Trishool is the son of Nandisha (Servant) and Trivikram is the son of Digvijay (Owner). Both of them were born at the same date and time, and Digvijay and his gang, including Nandisha, were the culprits who ****ed Adishesha and stole Nagamani.
  • Later, Mahamaayi, Nandisha's mother, reveals that Trishool is actually Digvijay's son, and Trivikram is Nandisha's son. She exchanged the babies at birth because she wanted to gain revenge on Digvijay, who stole Nagamani from Naagalok with the help of Tryambaka, before she could get her hands on Nagamani.
  • Trivikram and Trishool have the same snake mole. But Trivikram is Adhisesha according to Shivani and Tryambaka. Trivikram doesn't remember anything about Adhisesha. Shivani recognizes the snake print in Trivikram and decides to marry him. Digvijay and his family also find out about Trishool being his real son. It is also found that Trishool is Adhishesha. But Trishool hasn't got his memories or powers back. Digvijay also comes to know about the reincarnation of Adishesha and is thinking to **** him with the help of his son not knowing his son itself is Adhishesha.
  • Nandisha tells the truth to Damayanthi about Dighvijay's death. Trishool learns about his father's death. It is revealed that Trishool is Adhisesha and Trivikram is the reincarnation of Nagamani. Trivikram tries to gain control over Shivani using Mayangane's powers. Due to Lord Shiva's presence, Shivani gets to know that Trishool is her Adhisesha. Trivikram then uses Mahamaye's powers to **** Trishool but Trishool gains Adhisesha's powers and defeats Trivikram. Trivikram dies in the hands of Trishool, and is reincarnated in Madhumati's womb. Adhisesha and Shivani are reunited.
Star Cast:
  • Namratha Gowda as Shivani / Naagini; a shape shifting serpent
  • Ninaad Harithsa as Trishool Roy / Adhishesha in his reincarnated life. Son of Digvijay and Damayanti. Adoptive son of Nandisha and Madhumathi. Reena's brother and Trivikram's adoptive brother. Shivani's husband. Mayangani's love interest.
TRP, Reviews:
  • Naagini 2 delivered 11+ million impressions in the TRP charts within its first week of airing. It is also in the top five positions for most watched Kannada television program with Gattimela and Jothe Jotheyali.
  • Due to its positive reception, it was dubbed in Malayalam language as Nagini on Zee Keralam and Odia language as Nagamani in Zee Sarthak
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