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 Latest Update:

  • Today Episode:
  • The popular show, 'Padatha Painkili' continues to impress the audience with unexpected twists in the storyline. After the shocking accident of Bharat and Avantika, the whole family is curious about what happened to the duo. In the recent episode of the show, everyone is seen patiently waiting in front of the hospital. Meanwhile, Devan comes and tells everyone that the doctor is insisting to meet someone from Bharat's family. Hearing this, Varma suggests Deva and Kanmani to meet the doctor.
  • Deva has finally taken over AV foods from Gowthaman. However, Vishal is still holding his grudges against Gowthaman.
  • Avantika goes missing; Devan suspects Gouthaman, 'Padatha Painkili' continues to entertain the fans with an interesting storyline. It seems like a new surprising plot is progressing in the show and the viewers are keen on knowing the next twist in the storyline. In the recent episode, Deepan is seen having a meeting with Devan and his family regarding Vishal's business. Devan says that he is upset by Vishal's downfall as he always wanted the latter to be his biggest competitor. Ammachi consoles Devan that Vishal was never a good businessman. Devan replies that Gouthaman might be targeting him soon to expand his business.
  • Bharat and Avantika to leave Ammachi's house? Padathe Painkili continues to hook the viewers with the ongoing issues in Devan and Kanmani's life. In the recent episode of the show, Bharat and Avantika ended up having an argument with Ammachi.
  • 'Padatha Painkili' is one of the popular shows on Malayalam TV. The family drama has Maneesha Mahesh, Manu Martin, Sreelatha Namboothiri, Dinesh Panicker, and Sachin SG playing the lead characters.
  • Luckgith Saini replaces Sooraj Sun in 'Padatha Painkili'
  • Popular serial, 'Padatha Painkili' to have new Deva. Actor Luckgith Sai will be seen replacing Sooraj Sun in the upcoming episode. Sharing a note on his social Luckgith has penned a note on his debut. "I have finally taken the first step of my dream. Now I am one of you in your serial. I had always been passionate about acting and cinema for years but lately, I have realized that it will not lead to much success or visibility that I would want, due to the pandemic and current situation. Though I still have a passion for movies, I’ve received a wonderful opportunity to go back to acting in an alternate way. Now you will see me on the small screens on a regular basis, which makes me much closer to you and one of you.I move forward with the hope that there will be all kinds of support and love. Thanks to those who have supported me so far. Still looking forward to doubling it. Thanks a lot for your love, care and support," he wrote.
  • Earlier, actor Sooraj Sun has announced that he is quitting the sho

    w due to health issues. In a social media post, the actor shared that, he is suffering from health issues and is advised to take rest.
About the show:
  • Padatha Painkili is an Indian Malayalam television soap opera which airs on Malayalam Entertainment Channel Asianet and is available on the digital platform Disney+Hotstar. It premiered on 7 September. The show is produced by Merryland Studio of P. Subramaniam.
  • It is a remake of the Bengali serial Ke Apon Ke Por.
  • Telecast, Repeat, Episodes at HotStar
  • Story: The plot focuses on the story of Kanmani, a maid working for the Anandan family. Both Ananda Varma and his wife Susheela treat Kanmani as their own daughter, but their daughters-in-law Swapna, Ananya and Tanuja who is also Anand's eldest daughter worry that Kanmani will inherit part of the family property, reducing their own shares. They mistreat Kanmani. Deva is Anand's youngest son. Deva takes a stand against the difficulties Kanmani faces.Watch Latest Story at WikiPedia
  • Padatha Painkili, the remake of Bengali Serial Ke Apon Ke Por, tells the story of a girl, Kanmani who serves a family, under certain circumstances she gets married to Deva, the youngest son of Anand Varma and Susheela Devi, the male and female voice of the family Kanmani serve. Here starts the struggle of Kanmani to become a worthful daughter-in-law.
  • Deva supports Kanmani and falls in love with her. Swapna, Ananya, and Tanuja started humiliating Kanmani. Kanmani overcomes hurdles one by one, watch the rest of the story on screen.
Star Cast:
  • Maneesha Mahesh as Kanmani, Deva's wife. She loves Anand Verma and Susheela Devi.
  • Sooraj Sun (Episode 1 – 175) → Luckgith Saini (Episode 198 – present)as Deva, Kanmani's husband, Anand Verma and Susheela Devi's youngest son, Vijay, Arvind, Tanuja and Avantika's brother. He respects Kanmani and fights against the injustice given to her by Swapna, Ananya and others, Madhurima's ex-boyfriend.
  • Prem Prakash (Episode 1 – 6) (left the show due to COVID'19 restrictions)→ Dinesh Panicker (Episode 6 – present) as Ananda Varma, Vijay, Arvind, Tanuja, Deva and Avantika's father
  • Ambika Mohan as Susheela Devi, Vijay, Arvind, Tanuja, Deva and Avantika's mother
  • Preetha Pradeep (Episode 1 – 6) (left the show due to COVID'19 restrictions)→ Archana Suseelan (Episode 6 – present) as Swapna(main antoginist), Vijay's wife, eldest daughter-in-law of Anand Verma and Susheela Devi. She plots to harm Deva and Kanmani along with Ananya and Tanuja.
  • Anjitha BR as Ananya,second daughter-in-law of Anandh Varam wife of Aravind.(Parallel antoginist)
Padatha Painkili Star Cast Photos
Manisha Mahesh
Role: Leading Female Role, as Kanmani, Marry Dewa, the youngest son of Anand Verma and Susheela Devi, she takes care of Anand Verma and Susheela Devi.
Quick Biography
Complete NameManisha Mahesh
Date of Birth29 March 1997
Age24 years
ProfessionActress, Model
Best PerformancePadatha Painkili
Sooraj Sun
Role: Leading Male Role, Sooraj Sun as Deva, Anand Varma, and Susheela Devi’s youngest son, Kanmani’s husband. He loves Kanmani and protects her.
Quick Biography
Complete NameSooraj Sun
Date of Birth11 April 1991
Age30 Years
ProfessionActor, Youtuber, Photographer
Best PerformancePadatha Painkili
Dinesh Panicker
Role: Leading Male Role, Vijay, Arvind, Tanuja, Deva, and Avantika’s father, he supports Kanmani.
Quick Biography
Complete NameDinesh Panicker
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
ProfessionActor, Producer
Best PerformanceChandana Mazha, Koodathayi, Kadamattathu Kathanar
Ambika Mohan
Role: Leading Female Role, Deva’s mother, the wife of Anand Verma, the main female voice of the family.
Quick Biography
Complete NameAmbika Mohan
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceMeghamalhar, Meesa Madhavan, Nandanam, Kochi Rajavu, Pookalam Varavayi, Ente Mathavu
Archana Suseelan
Role: Leading Female Negative Character, Archana as Swapna, daughter-in-law of Anand Verma and Susheela Devi, Vijay’s wife.
Quick Biography
Complete NameArchana Suseelan
Date of Birth6 October 1992
Age28 years
ProfessionActress, Model, Dancer
Best PerformanceEnte Manasa Puthri, Karuthamuthu, Big Boss Season 1
Anchitha BR
Role: Leading Female Negative Character, daughter-in-law of Anand Verma and Susheela Devi, Aravind’s wife.
Quick Biography
Complete NameAnchitha BR
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
ProfessionActress, Dancer
Best PerformancePadathe Painkili
Naveen Arakkal
Role: Male Supporting Role, Naveen as Aravind, Anany’s husband, Deva’s brother.
Quick Biography
Complete NameNaveen Arakkal
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceNot Known
Rahul R
Role: Male Supporting Role, Rahul R as Tanuja’s husband, Sheetal’s father.
Quick Biography
Complete NameRahul R
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceNot Known
Fazal Razi
Role: Male Supporting Role, Fazal Razi as Vijay, Swapna’s husband.
Complete NameFazal Razi
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformanceNot Known
Soumya Sreekumar
Role: Leading Female Negative Role, daughter-in-law of Anand Verma and Susheela Devi.
Quick Biography
Complete NameSoumya Sreekumar
Date of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
Best PerformancePadatha Painkili
TRP, Reviews:
  • 'Padatha Painkili' is one of the top-rated shows on Malayalam TV. Recently, the show grabbed the first spot in the TRP charts. The show currently progresses with Kanmani and Deva reuniting.
Unknown Facts:
  • On 8 July 2020, the first promo of the show, Lunch Time, was released by Asianet on YouTube. Later promos were released on 02,19 and 20 August and the title song was released on 25 August 2020. The title song has become hit since its release on youtube which was sung by KS Harishankar and Sithara krishnakumar
Adaptations/ Local Language Remakes:
  • Bengali - Ke Apon Ke Por কে আপন কে পর
  • Tamil - Raja Rani ராஜா ராணி
  • Kannada - Puttamalli ಪುತ್ಮಲ್ಲಿ , Katheya Rajakumari
  • Telugu - Kathalo Rajakumari కథలో రాజకుమారి
  • Marathi - Sukh Mhanje Nakki Kay Asta! सुख म्हणजे नक्की काय असतं!
  • Malayalam - Padatha Painkili പാടാത്ത പൈങ്കിളി
  • Hindi - Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 साथ निभाना साथिया २
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